Real name(s): Rado Kuzev
Place of living: Bulgaria
Email: timetourist(at)abv.bg
Rado Kuzev a.k.a Timetourist lives and works in Burgas, Bulgaria. He had graduated at School for Applied Arts "Kiril and Medotii". Bringed up by non-commercial parents, they gave his son freedom to do everything which he likes and feels doing best - painting and music. His first steps with propagandizing new digital underground music of the youth society makes with radio show "Lifeforms", where he presents artists form the electronic scene. Later he starts playing like a DJ in a local clubs and then in the whole country in cities like Veliko Turnovo, Gabrovo, Ruse, Pzardjik, Sofia, Plovdiv, Shumen.. etc. He had played with famous artists like X-DREAM, YAHEL, ASTRIX and participate with promoters like MAGRATHEA, VORTEX, VIVID DREAMS. Records sets for OUIM.org and D-PHRAG (d-phrag.neogrey.com) and his show 'immersed:friskyradio.com'. Timetourist had pass through styles like goa-psychedelic, trance-tech, trance, a mixture of ambient and now he reaches more progressive sounds. In his free time he draws, rides a bike, takes for a walk. Also likes big companies but and the greatness of the calmness.

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