artin (Tag) is actively mixing since 2001 when he and the Magrathea team decided to organize their first party. Since then he is constantly trying to expand his musical views.

His music is influenced by many different styles as rock, jazz, heavy metal and progressive, ethno, break and tech-trance from the electronic branch. His grand passion though remains the psychedelic sound.

On the stage his activities are concentrated mainly in the field of mixing. He performs each of his sets as an integrated part that carries its message and specific store of energy.

At the music stand he is experimenting on expanding the ideas that stay behind the modern psy mix. A good example is “Countdown to Metropolis” where the set includes MC live playing as well as the “Freaks On A Leash” project together with Black widoW (Umaia/Kamino Productions) which is a ping pong set, performed on two mixers and four players.

The music he performs at parties is dynamic psy sound full of energy and emotions. He has played together with Son Kite, Jaia, Oliver Prime, Talpa, Greed, Prosper, Andrew K and others. At the moment he is working on his own conceptual promo CD containing different idea and style sets.