According to a certain number of analogue media, Ventseslav Dimitrov was born on October 26, 1978 in Gorna Oriahovitsa. His musical indulgings range from Kraftwerk to Kasabian, from Autechre to Ministry, from David Bowie to Mick Harris etc. He recognizes himself as an art-working class hero about the end of the past millennium, plunging into the heavily pulsing new-born electro-scene in Bulgaria. Along with playing vinyl at numerous events and venues in the country (Cute Mute, Ortortor, Techno Files Open-Air, 5 years Metropolis etc.), he executes a lot of the activities, concerning the Z-Dimension promoting & release joint.

In the autumn of 2003 he glorifies the Bulgarian tricolour banner at the international RedBull Music Academy in Capetown, South Africa, a selected gathering of nonprofessional sound engineers, editors, as well as artists from all over the world, with curators and lecturers being the acclaimed Bob Moog, Alex Rosner, Hugh Masekela, Steinski, Clive Chin etc. About that time witnesses the release of the production, which once and for all establishes the Shamanez brand criss-crossing the land from Vidin to Malko Tarnovo and from Tutrakan to Bansko.

The "Defloratsia" release of Cmotan MC & Shamanez beat the crap out of the mainstream by a fair number of crucial points: its distribution being (still) free download, no one flaunting imaginary money, cars and chicks, and fans receiving an overdose of sincere rhymes backgrounded by a sound, original in both composing and fulfillment, all with over 8000 downloads up to now. What follows is a decent schedule of one-man shows, as well as jams, including festivals and club events in all major cities in Bulgaria.

Currently he is carrying out an original idea, having been transformed into the Monokom net-label, devoted to the music as an experiment and fun. To this very moment, Monokom Supremes has nailed a lot of releases and podcasts, two workshops targeting enthusiasts willing enough to develop better skills in handling musical hardware & software under the name of Monokamp Project. Player Sekwent produces a limited number of extreme sessions and constantly welcomes new ideas and fresh recruitment in his sweltering pack.