Sasha Le Monnier

Sasha,s love of house muzik was first discovered in 1989, at the ‘Inn On The Park (Jersey). At the time the park was rated as one of the top 10 raves in Europe during the late 80’s to early 90’ hosting nights with the best names in dance music such as Sasha, Carl Cox and many other pioneering DJ’s from back in the day.
Having been caught by the mixing bug Sasha has enjoyed mixing all styles of house , breaks and trance over the last 10 years, whilst playing along side many jocks such as, Mistress Mo (Gift from the Gods) and Stuart King (Sunday Club), including her own successful residencies @ The Red Light Sessions, Out Of This World and The Top floor Ware House as well as internet radio residencies, such as Scratch n Spin, and most recently DI.FM (Digitally Inported) Championing up a coming new jocks with the likes of Chris Lake, Paolo Mojo, J&S project and Parallel Sound, along with the tried and tested , King Unique, Tom Stephan (Superchumbo),Ricky Stone and 16Bit Lolitas to name but a few. She is ever busy with her work for the label Source of Gravity/Gravitation, as part of there in house team as there UK based Promotions rep. Sasha has also collaborated with long time friend from the park days Stevie Fitz DJ,producer (Bolt/Toryumon) and Partner James Leaman DJ musician (The Red Light Sessions / Minty) To form Collective Organized Undergound Muzik (C.O.U Muzik) with subsequent releases and licensing on Toryumon U.K / Fiberlineaudio with ‘Charly Wobblers Day out and‘ Matt Rowans ‘Foresight’ **C.O.U Muziks Submerged mix**, also signings to Source Of Gravity / Gravitation, Tim Mills presents ‘The Muse‘ **C.O.U Muziks Sleeping Satellite mix** and ‘The 9.30 Express‘ with more releases on these labels in the next few months to follow, look out for Sasha Le Monnier’s outstanding mixing skills, and artistic prowess in forthcoming mixes and C.O.U Muzik releases.