Safi Connection

Safi Connection is Mishel Bitton(31) Mishel first started to make music back in '97, where he released an album under the project “Sonichaos” . The Sonichaos album presented a very melodic approach that fitted the times back than. This album was released through Planet Music, a sub-label of B.N.E, a major player in the international Trance scene.

Few months after the release of “Sonichaos” Mishel teamed with Avi peled, together they came up with the "Todra” project, which had a much more matured musical approach. This project was instantly signed for the Krembo Records label and was released in '98 with great responds worldwide.
From that moment on Mishel started spining music around the world and from exploring the international markets and trends Mishel felt that he must bring his ideas into life but with a whole new perspective and so he changed his musical direction and progressed to what everyone knows today as “Safi Connection”.

Mishel started to work on the “Safi Connection” project in 2001, along with Tamir Ozana(a.k.a – Atomic Pulse), after polishing their first few tracks they signed a deal for an album to DJ Dede's own label “Spectrum Music” and in early 2002 the debut “Safi Connection” album, “Prince Of Paranoia” came to life.

This album was distributed world wide through MDMA(r.i.p) and it has created a mega buzz for “Safi Connection”'s music and shows, reviews and interviews came out in all the respected media, magazines, internet, dj's charts and more.

2002 was a busy year for Mishel, it is the breakthrough year for him actually, since the release of the “Safi Connection” debut album Mishel and Tamir decided to go each on his own way, And so Mishel kept to work on the “Safi Connection” project while Tamir continued his career as Atomic Pulse.

Mishel released his music through many respected labels such as:
Arcadia music – Jp
BNE - Israel
3DVision - Fr
Spirit Zone Recordings – Germany
T.I.P World – UK
Transient – UK
AP records – Germany
Synergetic records – Austria
Candy Flip – Greece
Flow records – Purtugal
Fragile planet – UK
Utopia - Israel
Digital psionic – Australia
Agitato – Israel
Shiva Space Technology – Germany
Spiral Trax – Sweden
Spectrum Music – Israel
MDMA Music – Israel
Phonokol – Israel
Zodiac – Japan
Moon Spirits – France

Apart from “Safi Connection” Mishel also collaborates with Micha Yossef(a.k.a – Echotek) as half of the dou “Neo Logic” and on another joined project named “Central Nerve”, both projects are getting strong interest throughout the globe so watch out for more news on these projects soon.more colabrations as Safi with Space Tribe,Melicia,Sally Doolaly,Psykovsky,X-wave.At the moment safi is working on a psy guitar project that would be as a live act Of 2 pepole , Safi feat. Liquid phase (safi & guitar player).Also known as B-Tone , a more progressive project . an album was realesed on Synergetic records on june 2004 , called “B-Tone – Mantra acts”

All of Mishel's projects (Safi Connection, Neo Logic, B-Tone , Safi feat. Liquid phase , Central Nerve) are known for having a top quality production with stuning fresh ideas, it's the new style, its progressive full on trance, not the usual Israeli full on, twisted, funky and most important of all – it rocks the dancefloors everywhere around the world.

This year only Mishel was booked to act as “Safi Connection” in Japan , France , UK, Greece, Protugal, Holland, Austria,Germany, Switzerland, Sweeden, Denmark, Macedonia, India, and the responds to each show were amazing and soon Mishel will be visiting Brasil & Mexico where he will teach the mexican and brasilian samba a-la Safi Connection style J.