S. Zeilenga

After stumbling upon a Roland synthesizer while attending college in 1996, S. Zeilenga picked up where his years of marching band had left off and began producing electronic music. He produced breakbeat trance and techno for two years with a fellow producer under the guise of Iridescent and then, inspired by J. Ran’s song “Blue Room”, he ventured into drum n bass. Going by the name Inner Seven, S. Zeilenga had some success in Drum 'n' Bass which culminated in a track on the 1998 N*soul Records release, Eclectica 2.

In 2000, S. Zeilenga moved from Iowa to Rhode Island. He put producing to the side for awhile to pursue Christian ministry where he met another producer, MoL. Together they eventually reformed Iridescent and produced three experimental electronica albums which were well received by their friends. The two continue to produce together today.

Over the last three years, inspired by his love for travel and nature, S. Zeilenga has ventured exclusively into the chillout and downtempo side of electronica in an effort to create music suited for the adventurer in all of us. He hopes to create electronic soundtracks which can be the perfect background music for this tall-tale called reality.

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