Reset got in connection with the electronic music at the age of 12.

At this time the house and speed garage sounding had the biggest effect on him. By this time he had made his first tracks with the Fast Tracker II. program. At the age of 14, he started dealing with the harder beats. He realized that this is the style, where he can express himself the most. First, he started to deal with the harder tech-house, then it turned into hard techno. After he found his own sounding, he started djing, with a PC, 2 soundcards, a mixer and a special program made by him. (He is using this today.)

He played for the first time on his own party in Kashmir at the age of 17, but unfortunately these series were finished due to internal problems after the second event. He got to know KillSwitch in 2004. After that they started making music together. After some tracks they realized that, they can work fine together, so they started making more and more tracks. As a result, they sent their first music to DJ Rush, who started playing these tracks on famous festivals and

The proof of Reset’s producer work is the fact, that their tracks are being played by famous names like DJ Rush, Pet Duo, Sven Wittekind and many others in this scene. As a result, by 2005 he already had 2 releases, the first one at Sven Wittekind’s label, Inflicted Records, where next to the common tracks, there was his new own track-the 'Suicide Rusher'. Soon after that, a common remix of the young producers had been released under the label of the NGOHT resident, O:B.I..

After proving his djing skills on the NGOHT events in 2005, Reset became a strong member of the team. His fast and anytime-recognizable sounding can atomically amaze all the style-loving party people. His mixes have traveled around the world, and were met with success everywhere. Thanks to that, he and KillSwitch connected with the agency of Combat SKill in 2006, which gave the 2 young titans the chance to bring their hard basses and various music beyond the borders of Hungary.

In the same year he released some new common music with KillSwith, under Dj Ocram’s label.. Reset is always searching for new sounding and technics, to vary his and their common music (with his producer-fellow), and to make it much more unusual.