Quantum Suicide

Quantum Suicide was born in early 2009 somewhere in Bulgaria. The aim of this project is to lead the curious listener through as much as possible musically induced quantum suicides in order to strenghten his spirit and refine his soul. Gathering influences from the might & beauty of nature, ancient tales or simply the subtle everyday drama... the means he uses to create such a sublime circumstances could be highly ecstatic analogue synthlines, deep & hypnotic grooves, powerful nocturnal beats or twisted acidic soundscapes... or virtually anything else, but the final agenda is always the same - real psychedelic experience

Quantum Suicide was first introduced to the psychedelic music (mainly goa and early psy & prog stuff) as early as 2001 and his mind was blown away by the wonderful and diverse sonic experiences he had. A few years later he had his first contact with the darker side of psychedelia, but it was not until 2006 when his real psychedelic initiation happened and since then an ever-growing desire for new & unusual sounds & stories took place right next to the already present love for harmony & beauty. Eventually he decided that the time has come for him to spread the infection to other people as well... and here's the first result - an attempt to reintroduce the colour-saturated realms of early goa trance.