Professor X

Name: Bradley John Harvey
Age: 27
Birthday: October 29th
College: Full Sail Real World Education
Major: Recording Arts
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Animal: Monkey

Influences: Psytrance: GMS , Wrecked Machines, Panick, Psysex CPU Bio Genesis, Koxbox, Commercial Hippies, Hydrophonic, Pixel, Domestic, Eskimo, Shapestatic, Wicked Wires, Delysid,Electrypnose, Protoculture, Neuromyth, Mindstorm, IMIX, Vectro Electro, Chromatone, Random, ATMA, Pure Pressure, Virtual Light, Hujaboy, Primordial Ooze

Professor X A.K.A. Bradley John hails from the midwest. He started djing electronic music in 1998 when he was going Full Sail recording school in Orlando, FL.

His first influences where progressive house and breakbeats.
After working for Universal Studios as a live sound engineer for six years, he headed back to the midwest to find his roots. There he discovered psytrance after meeting DJ Zero Six in his hometown in Illinois. He then began playing shows as a core member of the TRANCEPSYNDICATE.
Now he is living in the desert in Phoenix, AZ playing outdoor festivals for OVERMINDWORKS. His full-on energetic sound is the perfect blend to ignite the hyper-drive accelerator. With his new meta-trance-portation vehicle CASSI-EL, his adventure starts this summer where he will be playng psytrance shows all over the country.

His vision is to expand consciousness through spiritual music and ritual dance. He is a galactic activation portal for higher living.

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