Paul Soul

Co-founder and owner of RvS Music, Paul Soul’s musical career started way back in 1991 with a residency at the legendary Club Labrynth in London’s East End. This led to guest slots at venues all over the UK. In October 1992 he started working with Ravescene magazine organising charts and music reviews, as well as assisting in the promotion of the magazines monthly event Double Dipped.

During the nineties, Paul played live with the electronica act Repetitive Beat Syndrome and set up is first underground party named Family. Following on from the success of Family, Paul then joined up with Cristian Vargas to create Sizzle Party, which were held on boats, warehouses, and even a dis-used railway station.
In 2002 Paul started working with Asad Rizvi managing Reverberations and Wrong Recordings, a relationship that continues to this day when both parties decided to re- brand the labels as RvS Music in October 2012.

Along with production partner Chris Smith, Paul makes up one half of Soulsmith, with releases on numerous labels as well as Reverberations, Wrong and RvS. Most recently remixing Sean Dimitrie’s ‘It Ain’t Easy’.

2016 is already shaping up to be an exciting year. RvS Music has now expanded into a DJ agency and events company. The agency represents label artists as well as Pezzner and Fred Everything in Europe. The events are going from strength to strength with the regular ‘RvS Social’ popping up all over London. The ‘RvS Secret’ happening every three months and the ‘RvS Weekender’ their first festival style event in the forest happening in August.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hello Paul, how are you? I am really happy to finally have a chance to get this interview from you. Been waiting for this moment way too long!

It is not a secret that you are well known to the EILO audience. But not many are aware when and how has everything started with you. Can you tell us, please?

I’d always collected records. A friend of mine bought decks in 1989, he went on holiday and loaned them to me, I played with them constantly for a month day and night. I loved it so saved hard and bought my own decks and mixer when he returned. In 1991 I was a regular at Labrynth in London and after many mix tape demos Joe gave me a shot and I guess the rest is history.

It may sound a cliché’ but who were your music influences back in the day?

Well I was very into electro in the early 80’s; I even went to a community centre to learn to body pop. I loved Mantronix and Joyce Sims, Chaka Khan, Loose Ends all of the 808 soul. I also loved Talking Heads, Talk Talk and loads more.

In my personal opinion your music style has always been recognisable but who noticed your talent at first and do you think you must be noticed if you want to make a way through?

Joe at Labrynth gave me first break as I already mentioned. I have played different styles of music over the years but the common theme for me is that DJing is communication process and the most important job is to create the vibe, playing the right music at the right time. If you do what you love and do it with love and commitment of course that will be noticed. That goes for everything not just music.

Throughout the years you have been part of the whole evolution of the electronic music. Do you think there is nothing much happening at the moment or you can sense a progress?

There is always something happening. The music comes full circle and older music becomes trendy and listened to again, we have seen interest in our label’s earlier releases recently and for this reason. New releases are coming out all the time with bright young talents influenced by the older sounds. There is always something new around the corner.

Do you think the role of the artist is only behind the decks or they could also be able to educate their audience somehow?

I think there is always education, certainly when I go out and listen to other people I get inspired, and I’d like to think that others may have the same experience when they hear me. A DJ is there to entertain though and it should be remembered. This doesn’t mean crowd diving, doing Jesus poses while playing a pre-recorded set

Can you share with us what was the gig that you will never forget? What made it so special to you?

Playing in the jungle in Costa Rica was memorable back in 2000. As the sun came up we were high up with an amazing view and a large blue butterfly flew in and landed on the mixer. Also playing for the first time at Comics in Varna, Bulgaria was pretty special.

I have always wondered when the Dj is tired or not in a mood how does he/she manage to satisfy the crowd? What is your formula?

Tequila! I’m joking. I always try to allow time beforehand to mentally prepare for playing, I usually spend the day playing music and getting myself hyped up and excited, this usually works for me.

Tell us about the agency you are part of. How RvS was born? What is the concept?

RvS was born in 2012 after my partner Asad and I re-branded Reverberations. We have always been about community and like the idea of everyone involved being creatures in a forest, so our concept reflects this. Our parties are nature themed as well as our imagery. Our agency is now going from strength to strength with a few new high profile artists on our roster; it’s really exciting to see it grow.

And please tell us more about your future projects? When and where we can dance with your music again?

We are organizing a party in the forest in August called the RvS weekender; it’s a free festival but invite only. I’ll be in Varna at the end of July too, playing at Hemingway on the 30th.

Thanks again for being our special guest and for the lovely mix you have made for EILO. Hope to hear from you again very soon!