Nemanja Kostic / Keneman La Kostic

A representative of the progressive sound of the younger generation in Serbia, Nemanja is definitely one of the most promising producers in the region. The music he creates can be defined as progressive house with massive sound and elements of trance, minimal and ambient music. He has shown passion and enthusiasm for creating music since his early teenage years, and his musical creative work, as a hobby, started in 2006. His professional career has began in 2008. with the debut release of "Back In The Galaxy" for the Bulgarian label “Seaburn Records”. This release has received positive reviews, and Nemanja has got support from regional DJs with encouragement to continue his work. His second EP, “Time Travel”, has been published by the Colombian “Melodic Records”, and the track “Return Journey” on this release takes place in the tracklists of many prominent DJs. For the compilation “Summer Movement” published by Dutch “Manual Music“ in year 2009, Nemanja prepares a track “Lost In Time”, after witch he publishes the single “Satellite” for “friskyRecords” (offshoot of the famous internet radio station). “Satellite” enters the Beatport Top 10 must have trackslist, and Nemanja's work gets a first significant criticisms from the world famous DJs. Shortly thereafter he began working with a Danish-Italian production company “Emotive Sounds”, for which he has issued two tracks, “Orion“ and “Asteroids”. Track “Orion” finds its place in the Top 10 list on Beatport Charts. Just like “Return Jurney, “Orion” becomes part of world famous DJs tracklist. Track “Cataclysm” was published for a “friskyRecords” in year 2010, and with this track, Nemanja re-enters Top 10 must have list on Beatport.
In his further career, he publishes “Revolution” EP for “Emotive Sounds” which receives great feedback from domestic and foreign audience. After this release and short break, Nemanja releases “El Dorado” for british label “Baroque Records” and this track gets great recognition especially on international radio stations. In the same year (2011), he begins cooperation with “Lowbit” record company for which he releases “Havarija” EP. In year 2012, Nemanja has begun collaboration with german record company “Plusquam Division” for which he has released his most recent projects “Kalipso” EP and “They Are Coming EP”. Nemanja currently lives in Niš, where he is finishing his studies in Economy apart from working on musical projects.
During his career, he has been working on remixes for quite well known artists: Glitter, Fady Ferreaye, Derek Howell, Cid Inc, etc…
Nemanja`s music has received support from world famous DJs: Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oekenfold, Markus Shulz, John Digweed, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Duderstadt, 16 Bit Lolitas, Eelke Kleijn, Dinka, Beltek and many others.

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Artist : Nemanja Kostic
Title: Mystery (Extended Mix)
Album: Mystery EP
Label :
Release date: 01.04.2016


1.Nemanja Kostic - Mystery (Radio Edit)
2.Nemanja Kostic - Mystery (Extended Mix)

Copyright © Nemanja Kostic 2016

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Nemanja Kostic

Nemanja Kostic - Myster ..

(03:38 mins)

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Winter. A cold, hard, inevitable truth. The unshakable feeling that we might not make it to another summer. Our ancestors faced this feeling each and every year with dread, preparedness, and extreme caution. As they took final stock of their limited food supply, they double checked their blubber stores to make sure they’d at least have CANDLES for God’s sake. I mean, are *candles* too much to ask for?? With the first snow, wooden shacks were buried beneath mountains of pristine white powder. Hibernation began. Yes, winter is and was a tough time. But can we learn to love it? The Bearded Man offers a simple solution - a solution passed down through generation after generation of rich, spoiled douchebags: when life even hints at throwing winter at you, just get on your private jet and head to the other hemisphere. Problem solved. Winter Love is just a few tens of thousands of dollars away!

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Nemanja Kostic

Nemanja Kostic - Winter ..

(03:51 mins)

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Nemanja Kostic Promo Mix April 2014

1. Eelke Kleijn - Lovely Sweet Divine (Original Mix)
2. Henry Saiz Feat Eloy - It's Not Over (Original Mix)
3. Hot Since 82 & Joe T. Vannelli - The End (feat. Csilla) [Richie G Remix]
4. Nemanja Kostic - Wine Of The Night (Original Mix)
5. Derek Howell - Objectivity (Original mix)
6. Sebastien Leger - Imaginary Paradise (Egbert Remix)
7. Stelios Vassiloudis feat. Tomomi Ukumori - Green In Blue (One Of Them Remix)
8. Solee - L.O.V.E. (Original Mix)
9. Nemanja Kostic - ID (Original Mix)

Nemanja Kostic

Nemanja Kostic - Promo ..

(58:50 mins)

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Release Date: August, 2013

Nemanja Kostic

Nemanja Kostic - Voyage ..

(04:03 mins)

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including remixes from :


Release date: 17.12.2012

Nemanja Kostic

Nemanja Kostic & Kid Vi ..

(03:43 mins)

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Mission One is a classic techno theme. Synth pads and an atmosphere that evokes good vibrations to heat engines in a good club.Comes with the interpretation of some of the artists Submoover
Label: Submoover
Release date: 25.05.2012

Nemanja Kostic

Analog People - Mission ..

(02:55 mins)

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NEMANJA KOSTIC releases his brand new EP “They Are Coming” with 3 hot tracks for home listening or the club. It ranges from deep house to downbeat and progressive-house.


01. Nemanja Kostic – They Are Coming
02. Nemanja Kostic – They Are Coming (Dub Mix)
03. Nemanja Kostic – They Are Coming (Ambient Mix)

Release date: 30.03.2012

Nemanja Kostic

01 Nemanja Kostic - The ..

(03:30 mins)

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PD255 PlusquamDivision
Release Date - 27.01.2012
Original Duration: 8:08 min

Tracklist :
01_Nemanja_Kostic_-_Kalipso (Original Mix)

Nemanja Kostic

Nemanja Kostic - Kalips ..

(03:13 mins)

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Release date on Beatport (02.01.2012)
Original Duration : 8.32 min
Catalog: GHR 011
Andre Volodin - Way to the sun (Original mix)
Andre Volodin - Way to the sun ( Nemanja Kostic remix)
Andre Volodin - Way to the sun ( Beat Factory remix)
Special release from friends for Green House! Warm melodies, at times aggressive cords, explosive effects and infinitely magnificent underground rhythms, will cheer up to all admirers of a progressive house on this Christmas holidays!

Nemanja Kostic

Volodin Andre - Way to ..

(04:16 mins)

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Nemanja Kostic - Havarija
Release date: 17th August 2011
Label: Lowbit Records

1. Nemanja Kostic - Havarija
2. Nemanja Kostic - Borosana

Serbian DJ and producer Nemanja Kostic lands on Lowbit shores with a brand new 2 track EP. 'Havarija' kicks things off in style; progressive house with a funky twist, it blends its bouncy bassline and big stabs with arpeggiated atmospheric elements and slightly eerie melody.The second track in the EP entitled 'Borosana' is in the same funky vein as 'Havarija'. The bassline just radiates funky goodness, and layered with stylish melodies and a swelling stab, this one is sure to make the dance floor erupt.

Nemanja Kostic

Nemanja Kostic - Borosa ..

(08:37 mins)

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Release Date: 25.07.2011
Artist: Volodin Andre
Title: Siren (Nemanja Kostic Rmx)
Label: Green House

Copyright © Green House, Nemanja Kostic 2011

Nemanja Kostic

Volodin Andre - Siren ( ..

(08:41 mins)

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OUT 17th july 2011 ON (Baroque Records) / UK
press note ///
A super feast of house beats, big bass and techno grooves, in this months Solo series - our monthly , brand new and exclusive, singles collection.. straight from the producers desks to you!Stefano Ranieri is first up, with No Time a slice of deep techno action, chunky percussion, a bubbly topline, and a stomach churning bassline here.. Fab Code Take That continues with these staples, but ups the energy and drive with a track that powers on. Nemanja Kostic then gives us some hypnotic house and PBM a bit of chunky tech. Two colabs next as Damyan and Kovny provide some pulsating melodic music, and Willy Real and Eva Gallo give us some floaty deep geniusKoer and the dark vocal sampling mysterious with its haunting vibes, chimes and eerie spoken word, is followed by Maximus Leads Beautiful Travel . this is peak time techno at its beats.. a relentless bass, evolving chime line and expertly executed production make this 8 minutes of heads down heaven!Miss Jewel and Chris Hingher add a bit of funk back into things with their funky tech-house vocal cut, perfect for a sunny afternoon on an ibiza terrace.. and Daphnia closes the collection with a pure main room monster, bolshy beats, grooving pads and sparkling toplines, and a hookline that gives more than a nod to the past ;again a stunning collection.

Nemanja Kostic

Nemanja Kostic - El Dor ..

(08:21 mins)

Added on: 29.06.2011


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