Josie aka Milchschnitte first saw the light of the world in 1985, bon in Lauchhammer (Overspreewald-Lausitz) Germany. At the age of 13 she began to like electronic music, and by 15 was introduced to the style Hardtechno. Soon after she ventured into underground parties, such as Kominat 2 in Preschen or the Bunka Squad Airport Drewitz in her spare time on the weekends.

Because of her practical work experience as a cleaning maid in a hotel, Josie, at the age of 17 had to quickly go to Cottbus. She quickly realised that it wasn't for her, and her innerself always brought her back to the idea of hardtechno, in particular, the growing interest of music production.

In April 2006 it was so strong, she wanted more than just dancing in the clubs, but wanted to be more apart of the workings behind the music, and starting to try her hand at mixing. Through time Josie began to get better, through alot of practice also. Time passed and now we are at 2007, she has had her first gig and more in the pipeline.