Mechanical Brothers

Dani and David are a pair of brothers who have started to stomp on the national and international techno / hardtechno scene.

Dani was born on April 17, 1983 in Igualada (BCN). He became interested in dance music, house, at 15 but he always felt something was missing. And so, a year later went to his first techno music rave and discovered that he liked it. From that moment on became interested in dj world, and each time was prefering harder music, through the hard techno schranz that brought him to. David was born on January 22, 1985 in Igualada (BCN). Influenced by his brother, he also became interested in the harder side of techno, but what struck him most was the production of this music. Started producing hard techno with 21. Time passed, until April 19 this year the project was born Mechanical Brothers taking a more serious nature, and which two are turning. In the beginning this project was based on the productions of David and Dani dj set, but the demand of both from the crowd and the developers decided to create a set together, which combines David live set with the Dani dj set, creating the performance characteristics and trying to give a distinct character to the performances of these 2 brothers. Likewise, today's productions are signed by the two components of this duo.

His productions are mixed by the dj's leaders in the worldwide hardtechno scene as DJ Rush, Pet Duo, Dj Lukas, OBI, Fernanda Martins, Frank Kvitta, Sven Wittekind, Motormorfoses ... things are taking a great recognition as a producers which has led them to be considered one of the best producers in emerging hardtechno and has opened the doors to edit their productions on the best labels of the style as: Cannibal Society, Domestic Violence, Jackster Recordings, AudioCodes RWRX ...

HT has also allowed them to remix some of the best known tunes from the scene as the "base banging" from dj Bam Bam or a classic as Audio LSD 1 from Greg Notill. So in this aspect yields the Brothers have become a warranty on the dance floor, thanks to his forceful, dynamic and above all dance so they are his subjects.

On the other hand, their live performance has led to several European countries: Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Holland and France, sharing a cabin with the most prestigious artists and performing in clubs as well as mythical and known festivals: La Cova, Millennium, Qoqoa, Nit i Day, Torn de Nit or Electro Lake festival in Spain, Club Poema (Holland), Ruhr in Love or Etage Eins in Germany, Belgium Cherry Moon ...

Currently in 2010 have created a digital seal itself MB Productions to bring their own productions, which only sold exclusively at and David has created another called Exploited to output quality tracks at both established artists and new talent, this also works exclusively with a page that gives the other styles hardtechno and other noncommercial own space.