Max Graham

Born in London but raised in Canada, Max Graham is a well known name to both Canadian and International dance music fans. From his early days learning his craft at Atomic nightclub in Ottawa to his current tour schedule that includes over 65 countries to date. This DJ/Producer has left his mark in a big way. With his Prog Trance classic “Airtight” (2001) Which was nominated for a Juno award in Canada. His monster 80’s hit “Owner of a lonely heart” (2005) and his diverse artist album “Radio” (2010) Graham has shown time and again that he has a knack for melody, for drive and for emotion.

First noticed by Paul Oakenfold and Nick Warren, then quickly snapped up by Hope Recordings, Graham was well on his way. In 2001 He mixed the fourth installment of the legendary Transport series and won highest new entry in the DJMag poll with #23.
In 2004 he released a prog/electro smash called “Crank” that was a beatport #1 as well as an emotional dance track entitled “I Know You’re Gone” with vocalist Jessica Riddle. 2005 saw the release of a Cheeky bootleg of “Owner of a Lonely Heart” that went top 10 on the UK Pop Charts.

Graham has now evolved into a tastemaker in his own right with his labels ShineMusic and Re*brand which have both partnered up with powerhouse Dutch label Armada. Through these labels Graham has reached the entire planet with his brand of energetic and emotional dance music.

Graham’s first solo album “RADIO” was released in 2010 on the strength of the monster vocal hits “Sun in the Winter” and “Nothing Else Matters” that, after ten years of producing, showed that the man still has what it takes to get people moving and feeling through music. Along with the pumping house the album also showed that Graham has a wider creativity with a selection of chill and downtempo tracks.

Cycles is another of Graham’s brands. Primarily a weekly two hour radio show. the first double cd came out in 2008, the second in 2010 and the third in fall 2011. The Cycles cd’s are a reflection of Max as a DJ, one who understands how to program a night, how to fuse different styles of music into a story that makes sense, the often overused cliche of “journey” fits well here. Graham is never one to stick to a single style of easily marketable music but rather follows his own path of finding great tracks from so many different genres. At one of his sets you’ll hear House, Trance, Progressive and even Techno but if you let go and trust you’ll have the night of your life.

Stay tuned to this soundcloud page for snippets of upcoming releases and full episodes of his radio show "Cycles Radio" which airs every Thursday on Trance Radio.