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Max Cooper is a London based musician and geneticist primarily releasing on Traum Schallplatten. The combination of his scientific and musical influences are evident in Max’s turntablist DJ sets, technical production style and abstract research topics. Max Cooper's sound ranges from stark electronica remixes of huge bands like Hot Chip and Au Revoir Simone to the fuzzy, buzzing dancefloor sound of his breakthrough "Serie" releases. But it's all, he says, inspired by his need to "match the emotions in the head with the emotion that can come out of the monitors".

That's why he put serious time into perfecting his own unique take on electronica before breaking through with the underground smash Harmonish Serie in early 2009 - a Raveline "heavy rotation" track and a top 5 vinyl hit in Germany. By then, with releases on more than 20 labels like Traum, Perc Trax, Autist, and veryverywrongindeed, he'd been DJing for more than 10 years, and he still holds down two of his earliest residencies - seven years each of road testing new material at two clubs, Firefly and Stealth, in the midlands of England. His first sets there were as a turntablist, influenced by hip-hop DJs like Craze and Q-bert, but since he first started producing his own tracks in 2006 he's irresistibly moved toward a "less-is-more" approach to music.

This move, also, was inspired by the subject of his day job: genetics. First producing music as a science student, he's managed to keep up a parallel life in science alongside his music, taking his PhD at the same time as being labelled a "Future Hero" by Mixmag and appearing twice on the UK's biggest dance programs on Radio1, and continuing to work a genetics researcher for University College London as he had his first top 10 minimal hit on Beatport with "the Shufflebox EP" on Autist, not to mention a top 5 electronica hit with his remix of indie darlings Au Revoir Simone.

But as Max says, it's not two disconnected lives; each has a marked affect on the other. In fact his breakthrough and best-known tracks, the Serie releases - Harmonish Serie, Stochastich Serie and the recently released Chaotisch Serie - are inspired by his academic interests, with each release being associated with scientific and philosophical ideas in order to reinforce the message of the music and promote the ideas to a wider audience.

The Serie releases were each turned into startling music videos via a collaboration with animator Whiskas fX, with the low-fi, dusty surfaces and wobbly hand-held camera of each video giving no hint of the monster power of the mathematical rendering used to create each scene. Unsurprisingly, each video has been a Youtube hit - as has the genetics-influenced "mutation through geometry" imagery of Max's new website Max, meanwhile, is now increasingly focused on trying to align the visual and live side of physical performance - one of the reasons that IDJ magazine named him one of its 10 producers to watch for 2010, with DJ magazine getting in earlier to call him someone to watch right now.

Production, and Cooper's ability to perform his productions live, is the key to his music, which has now expanded to include strikingly beautiful remixes like the aforementioned Hot Chip and Au Revoir Simone, and European dancefloor acts like Extrawelt, Perc and Dominik Eulberg. That in turn has made fans of key DJs like Digweed, Slam, Patrice Baumel, Popof, Pig and Dan, Dubfire, Alexi Delano - and Gui Boratto and Hot Chip, both of whom have used Max's tracks for their compilations.

His production and Max's unquestioned ability to create a unique mood as a live act or as a DJ has also created huge demand for live and DJ sets at techno landmarks like Fabric and in Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Zurich, Russia, Paris, and all over the UK and Germany, including headlining the upcoming Gotwood Festival.

"If I get a feeling about a track," Cooper says, "I drop everything and get straight to the studio. I often start something new at 3AM on a Tuesday morning. If I reflect on an idea until the next day, it becomes diluted".

The key to each production, always, is emotion. "I don’t have any formal music theory training," he says, "though I did have my mother's piano lessons as regular background noise when I was growing up. In some ways I think it could be useful not to be trained in music theory, as it means there are no preconceptions about how to construct a chord progression. It's easier to focus on matching the emotions in the head with the emotions that you want to come out of the monitors..."

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I recorded this mix on my recent All Night Long party at Phonox in London in November.

The full mix is available in the members Download area of my site - if you haven't already, sign up at and you'll get access to other exclusive music and mixes as well, and first news.

There’s some more ANL dates in the diary for March in case you want to join me for another extended genre exploration (I’ll make some more recordings too).

1 March - Paris, Rex Club
2 March - Amsterdam, Shelter
16 March - London, FOLD

Max Cooper

All Night Long - London ..

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I love Brecon's first mini album release, so I wanted to get involved with the remixes, but it wasn't an easy job, they seem to have constructed their music in an extremely efficient and effective manner where everything is optimised and used at it's best, with nothing extra added, if you know what I mean when you hear it! So for that reason I stuck relatively closely to their original track, and just tried to add some of my own flavour to the mix, which in practice meant lots of live jamming with my Prophet and playing around with percussion detailing, along with a new drum pattern and arrangement, and, of course, some enveloping chords.

Max Cooper

Brecon - Scattered - Ma ..

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Taken from the new album 'One Hundred Billion Sparks', released 20 Sept.

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It's hard to know what to say when it's the release day of a new album. So much time and work and thought and joy and pain goes into the process, and then I need to sum it up in a sentence somehow. All I can say is, I put everything I had into this one, and tried to be as musically honest as I could, I hope some of the ideas and feelings resonate with you.

As with my other releases of recent years I've used a visually related theme and collaborated with visual artists for every track to tell the overall story. I wanted to try and link this theme into my process of creating the album as closely as I could. So I chose a theme of the mind, and spent the first month of the project in total isolation with no outside contact, in order to look inwards for what creates us, and me, to provide content for the music and visuals.

I named the album "one hundred billion sparks" after the one hundred billion neurons in our heads, and their act of "sparking" to create our experiences. It seemed a nice way to visually summarise what the project was about, and lent itself to the album artwork form, beautiful delivered by Tyler Hobbs with his countless networked fragments.

The individual chapters of the story stray pretty far from the usual ideas around brains, but that's way too much info to include here, so we've made a little website summarising the whole project, which will be updated with each music video as they're released.

So that's it, I hope you find some music or ideas in there which you enjoy, and I'll be touring the new album AV show in 270 surround visual format wherever possible, so hopefully catch you at one of those gigs sometime soon.

Max Cooper


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