Marcelo Vasami

His interest in electronic music dates back to his adolescence, mainly by listening to house music. Born in 1984, djing came as second nature to him and soon enough so was producing. First, by playing in private parties for friends. Then, more and more often in bars and clubs all over Argentina. So far, he has shared booth with international talented djs such as Pole Folder, Naveen G, Neil Quigley, Osamu M, Martin Garcia, Soundexile, D-Nox, and many others.

Marcelo has become a dj with international reach, by already playing in “Bombay” and “Rioma” in Mexico, “El Pacha” in Tunisia, “Dance Club Mania” “Spacer Club” Club Plazma” “Chervilo Club” in Bulgaria, “Dreams Beach” “Fenix Party” “Save Club” Brazil, “Key Club” “Living Dance” in Uruguay, “Warmland” Paraguay, just to name a few. At the production level, the support from Argentinean djs such as Martin Garcia, Guille Quero, Deepmariano and the finest Hernán Cattáneo, is continuos. So also Internationals djs such as John Digweed, Nick Warren, Anthony Pappa, Eelke Kleijn, Cid Inc, Monaque, Robert Babbicz.

If you check out his name on digital music stores, you will find dozens of releases on high quality labels: Replug Records, Afterglow Records, Stripped Recordings, Polytechnics Recordings, Frisky Records, Toes In The Sand Recordings, Off Side Recordings, Acute Recordings, Jetlag Records, Progrezo Records, In4mation Records, just to name a few.
Vasami’s productions speak for its own. Groove, dark progressive beats and gloomy sounds are a constant feature in his sets. You can check his radio show every 3rd Friday of every month on Frisky Radio.

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here's my mix live recording at desert in me buenos aires, argentina last january, 2019. I hope you enjoy it!

Big hug,

Marcelo Vasami

Dim Pres. Marcelo Vasam ..

(302:46 mins)

Added on: 20.02.2019

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Marcelo Vasami

Marcelo Vasami Live @ A ..

(128:56 mins)

Added on: 07.09.2018

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Tracklist Marcelo Vasami @ Proton VS. August 2017
1.Paul Deep - Samadhi
2.Sonic Future - Marolas
3.Dimuth K - Achillea
4.Memory - Amancay
5.Orsen - Wakey Wakey
6.Matias Chilano - Micron
7.Ziger - Faith In The Future
8.Paul Deep - Winter Solstice
9.Joep Mencke - Sonder
10.Third Son, Haptic - Climb To The Sun (Guy J Field Trip Remix)

Marcelo Vasami

Proton VS. August 2017

(62:05 mins)

Added on: 09.09.2017

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Marcelo Vasami

Live @ Jakarta, Indones ..

(120:45 mins)

Added on: 21.06.2017

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Marcelo Vasami

Live @ Jakarta, Indones ..

(120:08 mins)

Added on: 21.06.2017

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Marcelo Vasami

Live @ Jakarta, Indones ..

(116:11 mins)

Added on: 21.06.2017

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01.maxi degrassi - stick
02.agustin basalto - tercer desliz
03.simon vuarambon - ethiopian
04.lily pita - hold me (juan deminicis remix)
05.kora, nic falardeau - om namah
06.pete k - perseu
07.facundo mohrr, javier mortilla & sotela feat. zurdo - bleed
08.patlac - novoum (cosmic cowboys remix)
09.chaim - sun tease (doctor dru edit)
10.t.i.m & jerome steam - call a sea (greenage remix)
11.michael a - odyssee
12.danito & athina - sargas
13.juan astudillo - sorcerer
14.pacco & rudy b - sound travel (berni turtelli remix)
15.khen - authentica (luca bacchetti endless remix)
16.subsconcious tale - focused
17.nicolas rada - cumulonimbus
18.jonas saalbach, solok - herzsprung
19.ryan davis, microtrauma - traces
20.klangstof - hostage (sasha remix)

Marcelo Vasami

Inception April 2017 Ma ..

(120:50 mins)

Added on: 26.05.2017

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Marcelo Vasami

Inception_MarceloVasami ..

(120:38 mins)

Added on: 16.04.2017

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Here's a gift to all of you!
Thanks for your constant support!

Acá les dejo un regalo para todos ustedes!
Gracias por su apoyo constante!

Marcelo Vasami


(06:40 mins)

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Marcelo Vasami

MV Live @ Dahaus, Decem ..

(136:43 mins)

Added on: 27.03.2017

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Marcelo Vasami

MV - Live mix @ Itapua ..

(180:50 mins)

Added on: 11.11.2016

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01.Marcelo Vasami - Amanda
02.Marcelo Vasami - Forever
03.Deep Dish - Chocolate City (Marcelo Vasami Remix)
04.Dousk - Florence (Marcelo Vasami Dub Mix)
05.Ben Watt - Guinea Pig (Marcelo Vasami Remix)
06.Timo Maas - Articulation (Marcelo Vasami Re-Construction Mix)
07.John Axiom - Iguazu (Marcelo Vasami Remix)
08.Marc Poppcke - Flicker Of Hope (Marcelo Vasami Remix)
09.Soulfire - Eris (Marcelo Vasami Remix)
10.Marcelo Vasami - Danrol
11.Marcelo Vasami - Inters
12.Anthony Middleton - Waves (Marcelo Vasami Rework)
13.Marcelo Vasami - City Reflections (Antrim & Luis Bondio Remix)
14.Marcelo Vasami - Perspect Pole (DAVI Remix)
15.Marcelo Vasami - About Snow (Guy Mantzur & Khen Remix)
16.Marcelo Vasami - About Snow (Original Mix)
17.Marcelo Vasami - Mechanic Sound
18.Michael A - Frankfield (Marcelo Vasami Remix)
19.Sasha - Linepulse (Marcelo Vasami Space Mix)

Marcelo Vasami

Inception 5th Anniversa ..

(121:25 mins)

Added on: 21.06.2016

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Marcelo Vasami

Inception February 2016 ..

(121:25 mins)

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Here's a little gift to all of you. Thanks for your support!

Marcelo Vasami

Marcelo Vasami - Why No ..

(08:01 mins)

Added on: 05.01.2016

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Marcelo Vasami

Marcelo Vasami - Blue

(08:07 mins)

Added on: 22.03.2015

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Marcelo Vasami

Off The Way

(08:50 mins)

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Hernan Cattaneo played Marcelo Vasami - Animals @ Resident / Episode 179 / October 11 2014

Marcelo Vasami

Marcelo Vasami - Animal ..

(05:49 mins)

Added on: 17.10.2014

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Marcelo Vasami Live @ Club Ming (Rosario) June, 2014 Part.1

Marcelo Vasami

@ Club Ming Rosario Jun ..

(104:37 mins)

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Marcelo Vasami

Live @ People Lounge (N ..

(170:32 mins)

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Here's another free track to share with you. Thanks for your constant support!
Acá les comparto otro track de descarga libre. Gracias por su apoyo constante!

Marcelo Vasami

Vocal Femme

(09:09 mins)

Added on: 07.02.2014

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Papa Noel paso por casa y dejo esto para todo ustedes! Gracias por su apoyo, felicidades!

Santa left this at home for all of you! Thanks for your support, merry christmas & happy new year!

Marcelo Vasami


(09:45 mins)

Added on: 27.12.2013

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01.David Granha - Catch Me (Ryan Davis Remix)
02.Lox D & Willy Real - Against The Time (Microtrauma Remix)
03.Peet - Father & Son (Microtrauma Remix)
04.Blusoul feat. Amber Long - The Future Is Yours (Poison Pro Deep Space Dub)
05.Modifier - Clockwork (Original Mix)
06.Lanny May - Microlights
07.Marcelo Vasami - ID
08.Antix & Tim Richards - Antoher Day (Andre Sobota Remix)
09.Praveen Achary - Space Machine (Marcelo Vasami Remix)
10.Le Carousel - Carousel (Phil Kieran Mix)
11.Ziger - Free My Soul (Original Mix)
12.Miraculum - Requiem For Two Fading Flowers (David Granha Remix)

Marcelo Vasami

Marcelo Vasami - Live @ ..

(67:00 mins)

Added on: 13.11.2013

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Marcelo Vasami
Dear Alessandra
Style: Prog-House
Release: Dec 23 2013
Label: Movement Recordings
Cat: [MOVD082]

Marcelo Vasami

Dear Alessandra

(05:21 mins)

Added on: 11.11.2013

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Marcelo Vasami


(09:58 mins)

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Marcelo Vasami @ Confucio Club Part.1 28.09.2013

Marcelo Vasami

Marcelo Vasami @ Confuc ..

(82:21 mins)

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Marcelo Vasami

MV live @ Moonfest (Men ..

(166:01 mins)

Added on: 02.03.2013

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Colourblock - Breed (Rich Curtis Remix)
Ziger - Still Here
Kostas Skretas - Reminder (Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile Remix)
Andrew McDonnell - Pitch Bender (Cristian R Remix)
Oliver Schories - Bombay Sunrise (Microtrauma Remix)
Marcelo Vasami - Smoog
David Granha - Catch Me (Ryan Davis Remix)
Dave Seaman & John O Fleming - Pixalated (Dibby Dougherty & David Young Remix)
Max Cooper - Gravity Well (Microtrauma Remix)
Heinrich Mendez - Tau Am Morgen (Marc Poppcke Remix)
Guy Gerber - Steady (Marcelo Vasami Remix)

Marcelo Vasami

Marcelo Vasami Live @ I ..

(54:30 mins)

Added on: 27.02.2013

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02.Ariane Blank - Don't Mess With The Tooth Fairy (Marc Poppcke Remix)
03.16 Bit Lolitas - So High (Original Mix)
04.Rodskeez & Adam Jace - Zenith
05.Yoram - Into The Light
06.Guy J & Sahar Z - 7.11
07.Ri9or - When Frida Sings (Cid Inc Remix)
08.Pig & Dan - Who Do I Love (Original Mix)
09.Deltano - Survival Instinct (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix)
10.Yariv Bernstein - Taxa
11.Eelke Kleijn - Rauwdouwer (Original Mix)
12.Guy J - Mercury

Marcelo Vasami

Marcelo Vasami - 36 hrs ..

(61:25 mins)

Added on: 02.01.2013

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Hernán Cattáneo: Very Good, Full support!
Martín García: Quality as usual. Thanx for the music
Armin Van Buuren: Support!
Darin Epsilon: Paul Hazendonk and Marcelo's mixes work best for my sets!
Lank: support, thanks
Dibby Dougherty: Both remixes sound great
Luke Porter: Really into both remixes
Silinder: Marcelo's remix for me, thanks
Guille Quero: nice work.
Denis Kayron: Cool, support! Thanks!
Khen: great music here !! Marcelo mix for me thanks
Andrew K: digging the remixes, thanks
OMB: Marcelo's remix for me.
Vanyano: Great EP, will play.Thanks!
Vinayak A: great vibes iin this ep.. will try out few tonight booom
Monster of Density: Both remixes for us
Andrez: Paul Hazendonk & Marcelo Vasami's versions are excellent!
MiraculuM: Quality release again, I support the original and Marcelo's remix both!
Steven Rivic: Amazing EP, Vasami remix is fav
Graziano Raffa: Massive remixes and awesome original!Marcelo Vasami is my fav here!
Sound Process: Remixes for me. Thanks!
Beat Syndrome: Great release as always. full support
21Street: Awesome Stuff.Lovely remix from Vasami.Many Thanks
Dark Soul Project: both remixes sounds cooll
Namatjira: Marcelo Vasami & Paul's remix for me!
Soulfire: All 3 are superb.
David Granha: Nice release as usual, can´t choose one.

Marcelo Vasami

Mitrinique pres. Madloc ..

(05:33 mins)

Added on: 02.10.2012