LxS is a new techno project,started in September 2010,by slovenian well known hard techno dj and producer Damir Ademi aka Lexis.After a time dedicated to create his specific sound,he is now ready to rock.LxS project doesn't consist on only one style,so there are no limitations in a sense of creation for him,that's why he manages to produce different styles of techno,from hardroove to dark techno.

Until the end of this year,his first releases will go out,as he recently finished a rmx for Horacio Cruz, which will be released on a well known Portugeese label Naked Lunch,runned by techno producer APaul,and his first techno vinyl release on a French label called Reactif Records. Soon after the launch of the project,he already performed on some of the most known techno clubs and festivals in Slovenia like ,Dance Revolution,Pleasure,Pulse festival just to name a few.Be sure to follow LxS in future because he will definatelly leave a mark on the scene.