Lukas & Fernanda Martins

Lukas was born in december 1979 in Joao Pessoa/BRA. He had his first contact with eletronic music in 1997. His dj career started in 2000. Soon his talent and particular concern with technic and perfeccion started to be notest.

Fernanda was born in 1982 in Medianeira/BRA. In 2000 her passion for electronic music aroused her interest and in April 2005 Fernanda began her career.

This couple of Brazilians show every day, both inside and outside the cabin, their perfect union. Their sets unite the powerful and energetic Lukas that fills hardness and speed with a insane technique, and the continuity and finest track selection that only Fernanda’s sweet feminist taste can have.

An amazing music experience for body and soul, eyes and ears! Be ready!!!