Kaufmann & Ferdinand

Since earliest human times development has been in the focus in all areas of life. First people started by exchanging their inventions for food and other necessary things, then they invented money!
Instead of exchanging goods they now sold them and a trade of buy and sell developed. Now, many hundred years later one can't imagine living without money and sometimes people have to sell their favorite items in order to gain money.

For Kaufmann and Ferdinand it is similar with their music who created their own label and since January 2007 are releasing their favorites on their label. They also launched their website www.kaufemusik.de where the present net releases (Kaufe Net Musik) which can be downloaded for free. At the end of May 2007 they released "Eine fuer Drei und Drei fuer Alle E.P." on Kaufe Musik 001 which sold rapidly in the presales already. In some recordstores this record is handled as an insider tip and it is 7 with Webrecords' User charts. End of June, Kaufmann and Ferdinand put out their hot follow-up summer track "Technoides Verhalten zur Sommerzeit E.P." as Kaufe Musik 002. Their track "Klangaudienz" on this vinyl was remixed by the Switzerland resident Nico Grubert and the bavarian turk Mustafa Can, with whom Kaufmann and Ferdinand also co-produced the track. Moreover there are more tracks ready for release and the duo has been busy remixing as well.