Glen.C is from London (UK) but now living in Gothenburg (Sweden). He plays a range of styles, a mix of progressive house, trance, and electro.

He’s been playing as a 'working' dj for about 10 years and has experience playing around Europe (Denmark, Sweden, UK, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, etc) to crowds ranging from 100 to 5000.

He is part of the a&r team at Iboga Records and Prestige Music. As well as DJ, he has compiled the 1st CD for Iboga's sister label 'Prestige Music' released in dec 2006, featuring some top progressive artists such as Fiord (aka Antix), Sonic Cube, 9west, Elegant Universe, Phatjak, Duca, Jokke/Trentem?ller, Mondays millionaires and Logiztiksounds.