GelER & Sasha Flash / SQ Face

SQ Face - it’s not a simply group,which includes only two persones. In this word all history of appearance is conceal, which amazes its versatility of staff.

It’s starting in 2009, when there is was the sun in our court and everyone had a good mood.
Russia. Omsk. Two persones, who look at monitor, made something like a music. They were enthusiasts and they turn their ideas into the life, they also aspired only one idea. The main aim of this idea was showing their embodiment of the world to many people on our planet.

At the time when they have come to that style, which was in their soul. And a logotype of this project, which was named by names of every participants, have become in an amusing person with square head aka Kvadrabash.
Many hours they spent for writing music. But with every next hour they were opening all new facets of this creation. A simple hobby was become into the art. After that radio-shows and recording mixes are starting. So, like a trunk with ideas, something whole was created.

So, look at us, SQ Face!