Now going on 5 years in 2010 Forceman marks his artistic progression as a pernamently established name on the scene defining himself as a prospering DJ and a promoter who came up on the electronic music scene in Varna,Bulgaria.Self thought he started DJ'ing back in 2005 when he was 15, influenced by the current at that time styles played in clubs - his styles were tribal house and funky house.Unknowing that DJ'ing would become more then a hobby at first then turning into a lifestyle, Milen a.k.a Forceman's first real appearences were in 2007 when he started to see that his style was actually minimal and not at that time tribal or funky house.So minimal grew on him and became his pernament and only genre of music that he would mix&play.That hasn't changed still.In time his sets evolved into a more structured and consisent caption of music that created a feeling of dynamic evolvment while listening to.In 2007 as well as deciding to go on the minimal path he also founded his own Awol organisation & bookings which represent himself and the events he creates as a promoter.Awol was founded in december 2007 with the concept being : going Awol (Absence without leave) on the mainstream events and designing your own.In 2009 Awol had it's strongest year managing to create 2 major events both of which's artists were for the first time in Varna:

28.03.2009 - Chris Liebing @ Comics club,Varna (+ Forceman)
12.12.2009 - Audiofly & Federico Milani* @ Comics club,Varna (+ Forceman )
*Due to airline difficulties Federico Milani's flight was cancelled without nottification and he couldn't make it but is rescheduled to have a second appearence soon.

While 2009 was a success for Awol and Forceman as a promoter , his DJ career was also a major success with opportunities such as - warming up for Christian Varela , Clodagh , Joseph Capriati ( twice ) , Format:B and having returning mutliple appearences in clubs around the country .Other notable appearences are : warming up for Kanio's first event in Bulgaria (summer 2008 ) , warming up for Dandi & Ugo ( summer 2010).Although Forceman has had many appearences as a DJ he finds that he does not have time to produce music and rather prefers not to pursue the path of a producer instead focus completely on being a DJ.Since he began DJ'ing he has been consistent on equipment and has always kept using CD players instead of anything else for making his sets or during a performance.

Currently Forceman is focused on developing his soundcloud page as his exclusive page to upload his latest sets - and reaching a wider audience with the upcoming Awol org&bookings events.Also you can find his older sets here on the eilo database

Official SoundCloud