Felipe Kastegliano

Felipe Kastegliano... (this may not be his real name - it could be something like Indus, Cassiopeia, Rhea, Aquilo or Corvus… no one knows)

Sure to have been kidnapped a few thousand years ago by interstellar beings - natives of a galaxy resembling the shape and size of our milky way but organized into a hierarchy of clusters a few million light years away, Felipe has travelled back and forth through the space time continuum via infinite wormholes and achieving supersonic speeds allowing him to learn the structure and every fine detail of inter galactic electronic music forms. He has not traveled in a DeLorean, but in a space ship made from intergalactic fusion components not known to humans. It is clear that Felipe is somewhat part of a super civilisation with human-like bodies conformed of atoms made from star dust like other beings in the universe, carrying an alien brain filled with thousands of years of knowledge on the art… this art being every fine and minuscule detail of electronic music.

Scientists are baffled on how Felipe ended up on earth... He himself says he doesn't remember. Some say it was a black hole that put him near our solar system and that's how he found us, some say his race has been long looking for other forms of life just like we do and they finally found it, some say he's here studying the human race and will go back to where he belongs soon, some say that he and his people are planning to invade earth, some even say that he's not an alien at all and needs to be put in a mental institution...

Whatever the story is, one thing's for sure - The last 8/9 years have been very busy for Felipe Kastegliano. He has played all across the board at places like Opera House (Bournemouth), Pacha (London), Ministry Of Sound (London), The Egg, The Cross, The Key, Aquarium, Medicine Bar, Hidden, 54, 93 Feet East, East Village, Lockside Lounge, Cosmo Bar and every other music hole there is in London...

Internationally has played on a yacht in Majorca and the south of France, Monaco, Colombia, Miami, New York and in London has played for many big nights including the Mixmag Tour (London), Gallery, Redlight, Maximal, Prologue, Stikky Pit and London Social Club amongst others.

During this time he has also held residencies for the Mixmag Tour, Twisted Disco (The Cross + Pacha), Pacha Beyond, The mighty TwoAM afterparty every Saturday morning @ 54 + monthly @ Egg, Messy People, Digital Disco, Polarise, The Island Saturdays, Beautiful, Maximal, Sick Note (Sundays at 333), Sunday Sesh (Every Sunday Night @ 54) as well as his own MeTRO, EdiT and the legendary intimate East London sessions 'Kastegliano & Friends'.

Felipe is signed to various labels including his own Flat 7 Records as well as Zombie Soundsystem, STARK Futures, Unrivaled Music, Evo Music, Right Nut Records and is currently in the process of forming another record label called Born Fourth with some of Europe's finest already signed for release on the imprint. His music has been remixed by stellar artists including Mr.C (Superfreq). He has also remixed a plethora of artists himself on some of the labels mentioned.

Currently FK is a resident for Sunday West, his own record label: Flat 7 Records and the label showcases @ The Ministry Of Sound (LDN) and plotting a new night simply called 'I AM'.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hi Felipe and thanks for accepting our nomination to be our Artist of the Weekend! We are excited to have you with us. Where are you at the moment and how is your summer going so far?

Thank you for choosing me! I’m on Mars at the moment – yes, the red planet. Took on a secret NASA mission and here I am, talking to you guys from space! This summer has been amazing so far! I’ve been doing a lot of intergalactic traveling but also travelling a lot on earth. Always very happy to come to Ibiza, which is the place I’ve called home since October last year. The season has now started so my first full summer here is looking eventful!

Tell us a little bit more about yourself. Who you are you and when did your love of music has started.

So the boring stuff. Haha... I’m originally from Colombia but moved to London when I was 15 and lived there until I moved to Ibiza last year. I’ve always had a love for music from a very young age. I play the guitar and can half play the keyboard so I was always the kid who started bands at school with friends that had no interest in music but I got them into it and would get these friends round my house so we could ‘practice’ our ‘songs’ haha. My love for electronic music started when I first listened to Insomnia by Faithless from a tape that my older brother had when I was around 13 back in 1997 more or less. Since that day it has been all electronic music for me. When I was around 16 in the UK I bought my first decks and it was maybe a year later that I went to Gatecrasher @ The Republic in Sheffield which was a night that changed the course of my life because it was from that day on that I decided I wanted to do music forever.

Who are your biggest music influences?

On a daily basis I actually listen to a lot of different music. Stuff like The Doors, Joy Division, New Order, 90s hip hop stuff as well as some Hispanic rock bands like Soda Stereo. For electronic music have always loved Danny Howells & Sasha but of course really enjoy listening many other DJs too – way too many to mention.

How do you normally make your music selection when it comes to making a mix? What do you normally have to consider?

I normally try and make my mixes to be some sort journey where it starts a bit softer and progresses onto tougher beats. Or even start with vocally stuff and then go with more dubby sounds later in the mix – always ending it with a big epic kind of melodic track... but never cheesy!

Tell me your idea of a good party? Do you think the promoters nowadays are being creative enough?

My idea of a good party would be 3 of my good friend DJs and myself with 200 of our friends in a small basement somewhere where everything goes That’s what I tried to create with the series of parties called ‘Kastegliano & Friends’ I ran at the Horse & Groom for a year or so but when we tried to find a more intimate kind of venue it was impossible and too many rules and ridiculous contracts about bar spend and hire fees etc so we just left it. I still like to go to a big club but again even then my night there would be about the people that I’m with rather than who’s playing etc. There are a few decent promoters out there at the moment doing great stuff but just not enough of them. 90% of the promoters out there are just putting parties on and getting DJs who can sell tickets on board regardless of how good or bad they are – that kind of says it all really!

Name some of your favorite Djs and producers. What makes them special to you?

My all-time favourite DJ is Danny Howells. Have been listening to his sets even before I was old enough to party. Will never forget his Dig Deep sessions at The End in London where he would play 8/9hr sets (all night) and start with very deep beats and as the night progressed so did his sets, ending the night with some proper techno and every mix was flawless! As DJs I’ve always liked Sasha, Digweed, Desyn Masiello, Luciano, Martinez Brothers, Mr.C, Layo & Bushwacka to name a few. Producers that are doing it for me at the moment are guys like Davide Squillace, Metodi Hristov, Los Suruba, Edu Imbernon, Botoko as well as some more melodic stuff like Oliver Schories.

How can you describe your style at the moment? How do you think has it changed throughout the years?

My style at the moment is all about groove and chunky basslines. I’m also introducing a bit more of melodic stuff into my sets just to change things a bit sometimes as I feel I get bored of just beats and percussion all the time in a set. In my musical journey I’ve even got into hard dance – that should tell you how much my style has changed through the years!!

Where do you get your inspiration from when you are working on a track? Do you tend to finish everything as soon as possible or does it take time?

Some tracks take 10 hrs to finish. Some take 10 months! And I still have tracks from 2 years ago still unfinished! Ha! I take a lot of inspiration in music when I go out clubbing actually, a couple of days after the club I find myself coming up with some interesting stuff and then just work around those ideas.

What does it take to become a successful Dj? Obviously being musical and talented is not enough.

You have to work extremely hard! In my opinion you also have to be good at networking. Always take your music seriously but never take yourself too seriously. Just have fun with it!

What gig will you never forget?

I’ve had many memorable gigs as I always have a great time when I play out. If I had to choose it would be playing a 4hr set in Colombia about 10 years ago in a villa in front of 1500 people and playing as the sun came up. Either that or playing on a desert island in Venezuela in March this year as the sun set in front of 60 or so people (mostly friends) absolutely loving it!

Share with us your future plans. Where can we catch you this summer?

I’m in the process of starting a label and have a few really cool guys on board already, so extremely excited about this project. You can catch me mainly in London or Ibiza at the moment – working on a new night that will be launching alongside the label in the next couple of months.

It was lovely to have you with us! Enjoy your summer!