DJ Tim Bates

Tim Bates brings energy, lots of energy. Living and breathing house and tech music in the city of dance music; Breda! His selection of tech tracks will bring you into a great vibe and trance, while feeling the beat and enjoying the sound!

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This set was mixed especially for the Toffler X Fijnproever contest at ! Big banger tech tracks with a nonstop house groove! Enjoy this set!

Be sure to also check out my other channels!

Tim Bates

Toffler X Fijnproevers

(48:18 mins)

Added on: 31.08.2016

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Constant deep rhythms and groove in this massive tech house mix!

Tracks in this mix:
Dantiez Get Up (Vangelis Kostoxenakis Remix)
Skapes Likes (Original Mix)
Truth Be Told Jump Back (Original Mix)
Pablo Briales Must Be the Music feat. Amal Fashanu
Sergio Del Sol Motiv (Original Mix)
Topher Jungle Skies (Original Mix)
Adrian Hour That's It
Ron Carroll, Tobi Kramer The Sermon (Tobi Kramer Remix)
DJ S.K.T Livewire (Original Mix)
Emanuel Satie Paffo's Riff
Jude & Frank French Fries (Original Mix)
No Rabbitz, Vynal K Fuck Around (Original Mix)
DJ T. Amsterdam

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sessions ..

(61:10 mins)

Added on: 31.08.2016

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I won't say it often, but this mix is heavy, phat, pure energy and massive tech house! Especially mixed for After the 3rd Wave on the 27th of August 2016 in the Social Underground Rotterdam! More on:

1 Rene Amesz Estafette (Original Mix)
2 Dennis Cruz See Line (Wade Remix)
3 Wade Retrojack
4 Luca Donzelli Good Wine Makes Good Blood (Original Mix)
5 Brothers' Vibe House Will Survive Feat. Brothers' Vibe (Joeski Dub Remix)
6 Josh Butler Need Me
7 Frag Maddin Up To You (Original Mix)
8 PAWSA - Luster (Original Mix) PAWSA - Luster (Original Mix)
9 Kristine W, Hannah Wants Just (feat. Kristine W) (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)
10 Matt Tolfrey All About You (Charlie Banks Remix)
11 Dennis Cruz New Life (Original Mix)
12 Yotam Avni This Is How
13 Raffaele Rizzi Skynet (Chus & Ceballos Remix)
14 Gorge It's Time (Original Mix)
15 Andy Macdougall Shaman (Dennis Cruz Remix)

Tim Bates

Tim Bates - After The 3 ..

(63:49 mins)

Added on: 12.08.2016

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A fresh radio show , a brand new ILS!

1 Belocca, Snare Machine
2 Carlo Lio, Technicolour Boogie (Chus & Ceballos remix)
3 Dale Howard, Afterparty (Kevin Over Remix)
4 Dario D'Attis, Little Higher
5 Kydus, Azucenas
6 Tiger Stripes, Body Shake
7 Melvin & Klein, Keep On Jacking
8 Wade, Retrojack
9 Umek, Collinearity (Oscar L remix)
10 Twist3d, Hexagon (Schroeder & Vaillant Remix)
11 The Reactivitz & Spartaque, Techno Home
12 Tiga, Donat Break My Heart (Deetron remix)
13 Dino Maggiorana, Earth
14 Harry Romero, Street Knowledge (Denney Remix)

Tim Bates

Tim Bates - Industrial ..

(62:27 mins)

Added on: 03.08.2016

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Check out my Decoded Magazine Mix of the Month submission for July 2016 ! This mix contains 1h of tech tracks which have to be played, loud, real loud!

More info about the magazine on: / @decodedmagazine

1 Leroy Burgess, Reelow - This Is How We Do It (Tiger Stripes Remix)
2 Mar-T, Luca Donzelli - Ten Points (Original Mix)
3 Killerpunkers - Wanna See
4 Matt Tolfrey - All About You (Charlie Banks Remix)
5 Xandl - Kontrol Your Body (Original Mix)
6 Boys Noize - Euphoria feat. Remy Banks (Original Mix)
7 Ninetoes - Little Beat Thing (Original Mix)
8 Luca Donzelli - Good Wine Makes Good Blood (Original Mix)
9 ANOTR - Strobe (Original Mix)
10 TomCole - This Sound (Original Mix)
11 Leftwing, Kody - Keep Moving (Original Mix)
12 Mark Knight, Lee Van Dowski - Fall Down On Lee (Original Mix)
13 EDX - Revered (Original Mix)
14 Riva Starr - Velvet Zone
15 RocCyjoes - Rheynold (Original Mix)
16 Josh Wink - Are You There (Ben Klock Remix)

Tim Bates

Decoded Magazine Mix Of ..

(62:22 mins)

Added on: 22.07.2016

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ILS 025 this time with some more progressive tech stuff! Non stop energy, high powered tracks, massive beats and non-stop ongoing tech sounds at your service!

Tracklist will follow soon!

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sessions ..

(66:57 mins)

Added on: 07.07.2016

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ILS 024 went a bit deeper underground than the last ILS sessions you've heard, so this one is more for the ultimate deep tech and tech house stuff. Do you like the darkness, the industrial and underground sounds of house, than you should listen this mix 'from the front to the back'!

1 Bag2Gab Moonraker (Original Mix)
2 George Privatti El Verdugo (Original Mix)
3 Morsy Ya Body (Original Mix)
4 Nina Perez Outboard (Original Mix)
5 Anna Odd Concept (Original Mix)
6 Chus & Ceballos, Dj Chus, Pablo Ceballos Esvedra (Loco & Jam Remix)
7 Prok & Fitch Movin' (Original Mix)
8 Marc Vedo Right There (Original Mix)
9 Marc Romboy Nasa (Alex Niggemann Remix)
10 Jay Lumen Dark Rooms (Original Mix)
11 Leftwing, Kody Keep Moving (Original Mix)
12 Skober Keep Calling (Original Mix)
13 Boys Noize Euphoria feat. Remy Banks (Original Mix)
14 Ian Pooley Celtic Cross (Len Faki Remix)
15 Slava Mayer 02 Am (Original Mix)

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sessions ..

(62:30 mins)

Added on: 28.06.2016

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A fresh new Industrial Lab Session, number #023! Did you miss the broadcast of this mix? You can now listen and download this massive tech house set!

1 Andy Macdougall Shaman (Dennis Cruz Remix)
2 Emanuel Satie Come As You Are (Original Mix)
5 Antonio Giacca, Fort Arkansas What U Know (Original Mix)
6 Rene Amesz Estafette (Original Mix)
7 Valentina Black, Dantiez Saunderson, Everywhere You Go (Curtis Gabriel Remix)
8 Mark Knight, Lee Van Dowski Fall Down On Lee (Original Mix)
9 Soul Asylum Who Do You Love (Full Intention Remix)
10 Gorge Tayo (Original Mix)
11 Affkt, Thomas Gandey Overnight Sensation (Miguel Bastida Remix)
12 Camelphat Make 'em Dance (Original Mix)
13 Dale Howard Back On Track (Original Mix)
14 Dennis Cruz See Line (Wade Remix)
15 Luca Donzelli Good Wine Makes Good Blood (Original Mix)
16 Prok & Fitch Got Groove (Original Mix)
17 Chus & Ceballos, DJ Chus, Pablo Ceballos, Leonardo Gonnelli Soledad (Original Mix)

Tim Bates

Tim Bates - Industrial ..

(63:31 mins)

Added on: 20.06.2016

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Maximum summer vibes with this special warm-up mix, to get yourself started on the dancefloor of the festival! The future house tracks will get you in the mood for the summer, keep calm and dance!

Please leave your comments about what you think of this mix!

Tim Bates

Tim Bates - House Of Ho ..

(30:10 mins)

Added on: 21.05.2016

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Like it had to be like this; Industrial Labs Session number 022, mixed on the 22-2 and finished on 22:22 ! This deep tech underground livemix goes from dark into deeper! Massive banger tracks, mostly which has just been released! Enjoy this real techno mix with some tech house flavour!

1 Pig&Dan, Igor Tchkotoua Growler
2 Sidney Charles I Need You (Original Mix)
3 Kaiserdisco Trinity
4 Jay Lumen, Kaiserdisco Old Machines (Kaiserdisco Remix)
5 Reset Robot No Sound (Original Mix)
6 Supernova The Noise (House Mix)
7 Truncate, Jimmy Submission (Original Mix)
8 7th Star, The Saunderson Brothers Funky Town (Original Mix)
9 Elay Lazutkin Magnetizm (Raffaele Rizzi Remix)
10 Alan Fitzpatrick Tribe
11 Impulse Noise No Sooner Said Than Done (Original Mix)
12 Randomer & Cadans Angry Fiddle
13 DJ Dozia Pop Culture (KiNK Mix)
14 James Harcourt Take Me Down In The Name Of Love (Main Mix)
15 Four Tet, Happa Jupiters (Happa Remix)
16 Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N. Recoil (D-Unity Remix)
17 Bjarki I Wanna Go Bang (Original Mix)
18 Jay Lumen Fusion (Original Mix)
19 Pig&Dan, Igor Tchkotoua Growler (Closure Sample)

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sessions ..

(65:38 mins)

Added on: 22.02.2016

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An industrial labs session mix with a minimal teint! It's starting slowly and steady with some techy grooves while sometimes more house influenced tracks popup! Finally it moves in and half our of pumping tech house tracks to finish it off!

PLEASE leave your comments!! It's really appreciated as I like to know whether you like the tracks and the mix!

1 Uto Karem We're All Connected (Original Mix)
2 Vato Gonzalez & Mucky Violet Nights (Extended Mix)
3 Miguel Bastida Whitness (Original Mix)
4 Bastian Bux Stay (Original Mix)
5 Coyu & Edu Imbernon El Baile Aleman (Patrick Topping Remix)
6 Darren Mase Dirty Playroom (Kirill Mixer Remix)
7 Kaiserdisco feat. Forrest Danza Danza
8 Kaiserdisco feat. Forrest Nine Tea s
9 ANOTR Strobe (Original Mix)
10 Uto Karem We're All Connected (Original Mix)
11 Incisions Amorak (Angel Heredia Remix)
12 Darius Syrossian Hanns Trippy (Cuartero Remix)
13 Rich Pinder & DJOKO Pop & Snare (Original Mix)
14 Ian Carrera Jack Your Body (Club Mix)
15 Rob Me feat. Frederique Down (Ben Mono Remix)
16 Todd Terry Baby can you reach (Vato Gonzalez Dirty House remix)
17 Zohki Ruff Granny (Original Mix)

Tim Bates

Tim Bates - ILS 021

(58:59 mins)

Added on: 18.01.2016

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En track number 50 on Soundcloud on my account is an awesome new mix! Number 20 of an already legendary serie of Industrial Lab Sessions with again great tech, dark and minimal house! Enjoy !

Also check out the tracklist:
1 Chemical Brothers Do It Again (Alex Stein Remix)
2 Technasia & Green Velvet Suga (Original Mix)
3 Mastiv La Parade
4 Thomas E, Siim Griffel Hady (Original Mix)
5 Sickwave, Wayne Madiedo Black Raw
6 Paul Jove Bumpin Matraca
7 Rene Amesz Rewind (Original Mix)
8 Gel Abril When It's Just You And Me (Original Mix)
9 Yade House Is A Feelin' (Original Mix)
10 Rafa Ristallo Warping
11 Richard Cleber, Francesco Dinoia If You
12 Franx Franx - Get Back
13 Hollen Premium (Original Mix)
14 Sidney Charles, Sante Forever (Original Mix)

Tim Bates

Tim Bates - ILS 20 (XX)

(59:11 mins)

Added on: 29.12.2015

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Want to feel the energy again of the closing tech/techno set I've played during Next Feel The Sound @ the Avenue in Breda?! Check this out!

Tim Bates

Orange Deejays - Next F ..

(30:43 mins)

Added on: 18.11.2015

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Ready for some awesome party @ Winterpark 'Ijskoud Muziek Festival ('very cold music festival )?! Check out my warmup set to get in the mood for some crazy music! More info about Winterpark Festival on !

Enjoy this mix and let me know here, on twitter or on Facebook what you think of this set!

Tracklist will follow after closing of the 'Winterpark Contest'!

Tim Bates

Tim Bates - Winterpark ..

(30:13 mins)

Added on: 04.10.2015

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DAMN! This set was meant to be send into the Toffler Talents contest (in here but who cares about the contest, listen to the f#cking tech stuff first! BAM! It's bringing you into some kind of hypnotic trance until the firm near techno beats come in.

Okay yeah now it's time to vote for me, or not. I don't know, first Benny needs to select me (I probably need to send him stuff via Paypal) and after that carry all his records (usb sticks) for his next kick! But after that, if I'm selected, I'm the guy you need to vote for.

Okay long story short; enjoy the mix and pleassse (....) like my mix (only if you really do btw..)

Tracklist, yeah will be coming up later. As usual...

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sessions ..

(65:16 mins)

Added on: 26.07.2015

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Reuploaded file, looked like the soundcloud app f#cked up the mix to max 30min..

Back to the basics of tech sounds in this new mix full of adrenaline, taurine and endorfine flooding your brains. Great deep minimal tracks, light melodic tech sounds, pumping techno and minimal, all neatly together in one liveset! Enjoy 013!

1 Attek Don't
2 Mighty Real Straight Ahead
3 Veerus & Maxie Devine The Peacemaker
4 Booka Shade, Yaruba Black Cow (Original Mix)
5 Catz 'n Dogz Killing With Kindness (Club Mix)
6 Copyright Diva (Original Mix)
7 Cuartero Manipulated (Original Mix)
8 Juliet Fox Can't Sleep (Original Mix)
9 Juliet Sikora Larry's Garage (Original Mix)
10 Mendo Magic (Secondcity Remix)
11 Seth Troxler CZ (Original Mix)
12 Tapesh, Chemical Surf Underground (Original Mix)
13 Volkoder Developer (Original Mix)
14 Awesome 3, Lizzie Curious Don't Go (Hoxton Whores Mix)
15 Cajmere Percolator (Claude VonStroke Remix)

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Session ..

(58:58 mins)

Added on: 13.07.2015

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Dex Lendrik back 2 back with Tim Bates! Check out this massive underground tech set with techno, tech house in a high powered set!

The tracklist will be checked and hopefully we can put it only asap!

Tim Bates

Lendrik B2B Tim Bates - ..

(61:20 mins)

Added on: 25.06.2015

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Ibiza,Beach and Sun; The 3 best words to describe this new Future House and Ibiza House style mix with some famous oldies in an amazing new future house sound, including some banging new tracks. Full energy, full power, full Tim Bates in the mix! Enjoy!

Edit 17-6; reuploaded the correct HQ mp3 file! Enjoy!

1 La Fuente House Detective (Original Mix)
2 Michael Calfan Treasured Soul(Shapeshifters Remix)
3 Bougenvilla Take It Back (Original Mix)
4 OT Quartet Hold That Sucker Down (StoneBridge Remix)
5 Mike Newman Yeke (Canard Remix)
6 - skipped
7 MarllDexx HYPE (Original Mix)
8 Nick Base Limitless (Original Mix)
9 Chocolate Puma feat Kris Kiss Step Back (Loopers Remix)
10 Peter Brown Turn the Music On (Code3000 Remix)
11 Zhu Faded (Viduta Remix)
12 Anton Liss feat. Naveka To The Moon & Back (Extended Mix)
13 Scooter Move Your Ass! (Stefan Dabruck Remix)
14 Headhunterz & Chrystal Lake Live Your Life (Spraynpray Bootleg)
15 Code3000 In Your Head (Original Mix)

Tim Bates

House of House 010

(58:32 mins)

Added on: 16.06.2015

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Industrial tech house sounds variated with some tribal and deep sounds. From relaxed ongoing beats to pumping and tech driven rhythms! Enjoy the back to tech theme of this mix!

1 I Operate Billy Kenny & Abby Jane
2 Bordertown Daniel Portman
3 Mirrorball (original mix) Danny Garlick
4 Like Phoenix Emanuel Satie
5 The Wolf Enzo Siffredi
6 Just Escape (Justin Martin Remix) Escape
7 I Want (Original Mix) Federico Scavo
8 Summer Breeze - David Moran Moody Vox Mix Iuly.B
9 Palombagia - Kimeko Remix Kelias
10 Gangsta Lui Maldonado
11 In Our House (original mix) Mijail
12 My Roots (Phunks Tech Invasion PhunkUnique
13 April Rob Costa
14 Falling Deeper (Original Mix) Robbie Rivera feat. Shawnee Taylor
15 Sway Robert Feelgood
16 Tripping Balls - Original Mix Shashaf
17 Leaving - Teenage Mutants Remix Steve Hope
18 Me Want Skank Superskank
19 My Crowd The Deepshakerz
20 Just A Full - Original Mix Vladzillah
21 Space Trip - Sick Elektrik vs. Yves Murasca Re-Edit Yves Murasca

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sesions ..

(49:17 mins)

Added on: 15.05.2015

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Check out the back to back set I played with Martin B-ts (@martijn-beerens)! Unfortunately my own full liveset is rejected on Soundcloud so please go to and follow me there as well ! My own full mix is available there!

This B2B set contains tracks like:
Intoxicated (Linka & Mondello'G Bootleg) - Martin Solveig & GTA
Levels (Clockwork Remix) - Avicii

Tim Bates

Martin B-ts versus Tim ..

(16:30 mins)

Added on: 29.04.2015

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Check this entry for the contest of Mr House himself; Michel de Hey! Please let me know what you think of this underground tech house mix, feel free to download it on your phone or to check it your in your car !

Edit; Somehow my mixed got 'mixed up' into 132 BPM, just re-uploaded the mix as it should be on 127 BPM , EnjoY!

1 Adrian Hour Svojsice (Original Mix)
2 Andrea Dub, Iexxon Foo
3 Carlos Marin The Sound of The Violin (Original Mix)
4 Darius Syrossian Su Casa
5 DBN All My Life (Belocca Luv2Step Dub)
6 Flow & Zeo Shinning Disco (Original Mix)
7 Jaqk Awol
8 Luca Debonaire, Robert Feelgood Palmares
9 Marc Franco Wannadu (Original Mix)
10 Robert Furrier Night City (Original Mix)

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sessions ..

(45:47 mins)

Added on: 20.04.2015

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Check out my liveset played @ House at the Parc on the 4th of April 2015 in Parc Breda! Together with the other Orange Deejays I've played a massive future house and tech house liveset with a big boom at the end!

1 Kristine W Feel What You Want (Tim Bates Intro Edit)
2 Roy Batty Red Room (Original Mix)
3 Chocolate Puma & Firebeatz I Can't Understand (Original Mix)
4 Oliver Heldens Koala (Wayne & Woods vs. Mason's Rave Remix)
5 Qubiko Alive (Original Mix)
6 Stromae & Vato Gonzalez Alors On Danse Lenfields & Spraynpray Future House Bootleg
7 Sebastian Ingrosso Reload (Bruno Ramos Save The World 2015 Remix)
8 Timmy Trumpet Freaks (Vato Gonzalez Remix)
9 Angelo Ferreri People's Damage (Again Mix)
10 Michael Calfan Treasured Soul (Chocolate Puma Remix)
11 Marlon Roudette When The Beat Drops Out (Don Diablo Remix)
12 Blondee Something About You (Phunk Investigation Remix)
13 Mark Knight and Funkagenda Man with the red face (Hardwell Remix)
14 Armin van Buuren & Andrew Rayel EIFORYA (Original Mix)

Tim Bates

House At The Parc (2015 ..

(52:09 mins)

Added on: 06.04.2015

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Now and than I shift from the brave tech stuff into more underground, minimal en techno stuffed playlists. I recorded my latest minimal set to share this underground feeling with you!

Please #REPOST or #LIKE my tracks if you like them ! If this sound is appreciated I'll make sure more #BAM mixes will follow soon!

1 FuturePlays Battle Bassline (Original Mix)
2 Droplex, Breech Brain Crackin (Original Mix)
3 Daniel Portman Rock the Funk (Original Mix)
4 Ementalia Risers
5 Dan Makoid The World Is Yours Chico (Victor Bauer Remix)
6 Corner Tropicana (Dani San Remix)
7 Christian Montechistro Bump
8 Bohemic, Lukas Cocaine Cowboys (Corner Remix)
9 Sonny Moko Three Two One (Original Mix)
10 We Made!, Joe Tiseo Cocporn (Original Mix)

Tim Bates

Bare Minimal 01

(39:58 mins)

Added on: 03.02.2015

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The sound of 2015, moving underground, creating a deep vibe together with some melodic tunes and vocals.

Please hit #LIKE if you do like this new #ILS mix!

I guess that the best description for the new selection. It took a while, a long time, to select the new tracks and some of them were worth the wait, do you agree?

1 Bordertown Dance In My House feat. Joe Tano (Original Mix)
2 Cajmere Percolator (Claude VonStroke Remix)
3 Franky Rizardo Olympus (Original Mix)
4 Housequake Maximize (Bougenvilla Remix)
5 Sander van Doorn & Oliver Heldens THIS (Original Mix)
6 Whitesquare - Rise (Original Mix) Whitesquare - Rise (Original Mix)
7 Pyrocight Bring It Back
8 Cristoph - Do To Me (Original Mix) Cristoph - Do To Me (Original Mix)
9 Prok & Fitch Raw Cut (Original Mix)
10 Rinaldo Brigatti We Never Stop! (feat. Deborah Vecchi)
11 Daniel Portman The Reason (Original Mix)

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sessions ..

(38:58 mins)

Added on: 29.01.2015

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Kicking off the new year with some controlled energy in a new short 35minutes mix! Some hot and new tunes filled with some different spices. Enjoy this near dance and electro flavoured mix!

1 Hoxton Whores & Alex Kenji Ft. Dacia Bridges Infrared To Black (Original Mix)
2 JL & Afterman Black Betty (Original Mix)
3 Chocolate Puma & Firebeatz I Can't Understand (Original Mix)
4 Siege Things You Do (Original Mix)
5 Vlada Asanin, RanchaTek Do The Funk (Original Mix)
6 Housequake Maximize (Original Mix)
7 Ed Sheeran Don' t (Don Diablo Remix)
8 Andrew Bennett Babylon (Original Mix)
9 Rhythmoholia feat. Jen Dale Dream (Original Mix)

Tim Bates

House of House 005

(34:50 mins)

Added on: 09.01.2015

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Please #Repost and #Like my set if you like the tunes! Check out the new bio and see why this mix is all about resurrection, revolution and the rebirth of DJ Tim Bates!

Enjoy the 9th edition of #ILS, and as always enjoy nonstop energetic #house tracks from the best sources!

Tracklist of this livemix:
1 Fatboy Slim Star 69 (Troy Dark Remix)
2 Franky Rizardo Troubleman (Original Mix)
3 Luca Debonaire, Damon Grey (aka Lucas Reyes) Everybody Get Down (Original Mix)
4 Back 2 Da Old Skool (Original Original No Build Up Mix) Man Without A Clue
5 Pierre Deutschmann & Dubspeeka Emphasis (Dubspeeka Remix)
6 Stuart Ojelay When I Think Of You (Original Mix)
7 S.Chu, Daîne Breakdown (Man Without A Clue Remix)
8 Sundown Exp ft Rasham Powel Never Giving Up (Hoxton Whores Remix)
9 Tomcraft, Max Martin Loneliness (Deep Mix)
10 Damier Soul, Colin Huntsberry Non Stop! (Original Mix) [Future Groove]
11 DJ Ortzy Neptune (DJ Ortzy Remix)
12 Feder feat Lyse Goodbye (DJ Pitchugin Remix)
13 Green Velvet Bigger Than Prince (Coyu Remix)
14 Jay Frog, Florian Arndt People (Original Mix)
15 Jordan Evane What da Fuck
16 Luciano Pardini Jacking That House (Vocal Mix)

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sessions ..

(59:48 mins)

Added on: 10.12.2014

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Please hit REPOST, your support is much appreciated!!

I don't know what's up with the short 30 minutes speedmixes but they are so nice to mix, hopes up that they are nice to listen to as well ! Some great new housy tracks in a steady planned and live mixed set including some energetic transitions to keep the energy flowing!

1 Ange Siddhar Mabillon Funk
2 Fugees Ready or not (Bougenvilla & Marc MacRowland Rework)
3 Danny Darko Feat. Jamie Bailey Stand Up (Grotesque Remix)
4 DJ Haipa Dare Me (Club Mix)
5 Jamie K & Giddy Shake It Down (Original Mix)
6 Calvin Harris feat. John Newman Blame (Jacob Plant Remix)
7 Criminal Vibes Push The Feeling On (Club Mix)
8 Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora Black Widow (Oliver Twizt Radio Edit)
9 Fox Stevenson Sweets (Soda Pop) (Original Mix)

Tim Bates

House Of House 004

(33:09 mins)

Added on: 03.12.2014

 hits: 104 
Here we go! Tech house and house on the move!

Sorry I F#cked up my history on my CDJ so no tracklist available for this one, maybe shazam is an option ? If you're desperated to need to know an ID of a track let me now, I'll check my collection for you .

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sessions ..

(39:58 mins)

Added on: 22.11.2014

 hits: 170 
Mix tech vibes with crazy new and oldschool house tunes and you've get a new fresh energetic DJ Tim Bates livemix! Listen and download it for free and share if you like!

1 Criminal Vibes - Gonna Make You Sweat (Club Mix)
2 Disclosure, Friend Within - The Mechanism (Original Mix)
3 Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto - Can't Stop Playing (Oliver Heldens & Gregor Salto Remix)
4 Etienne Ozborne, Zoltan Kontes, Ronn Carroll - Get On Up (Original Mix)
5 Fedde Le Grand & Funkerman feat. Dorothy & Andy Sherman - 3 Minutes To Explain (Funkerman Fame Mix)
6 Hunter Siegel & Todd Terry - Time To Blackout
7 Hunter Siegel - New School Renegade (Original Mix)
8 Jochen Simms - You're Not Alone (Manuel De La Mare, Will Gold Remix)
9 Kid Massive, Elliotte Williams N'dure, Backwood - Pride (A Deeper Love) (Hoxton Whores Remix)
10 Lizzie Curious - Wiggle (Original Mix)
11 Oliver Heldens - Koala (Original Mix)
12 Peter Gelderblom & Randy Colle - Got To Be Good (Original Mix)
13 Peter Gelderblom & Robbie Taylor feat. BAM - We Built This House (Original Mix)
14 Slideback, Philippe B - Housecat (Original Mix)

Tim Bates

House Of House 003

(44:39 mins)

Added on: 01.11.2014

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Banging international tech house tracks especially for the Pokerflat Recording & HEY! records contest called Kweekvijver ( Enojy this mix and hopefully I see you at BAUT Amsterdam ( during the Amsterdam Dance Event (

Please like and repost to share they joy

More DJ Tim Bates stuff? Follow me on:
Mixcloud: (blocked-by-Soundcloud exclusives)

1 Pedro Costa Madness - Original
2 Gabriel Marchisio Yes We Can - Dancefloor Mix
3 Dos Padres Snap! - Original
4 Going Ape Made In The 90's - Original
5 Tapesh That Noise - Original
6 LDR Project Music For The People - Norty Cotto Remix
7 Jimmy Kennedy Back to Life - Original
8 Dusmo No Party - Original
9 Taras Van De Voorde Manila - Original
10 Mario Ochoa Zero - Original
11 Tony DF Inside Me - Original

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sessions ..

(43:20 mins)

Added on: 04.10.2014

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Prepare yourself for the eclectic and massive Winterpark Festival with this mixtape created by me, DJ Tim Bates, especially mixed for the opening of the Ijskoud Muziek Festival! Check out and my profile to vote for me and I'll be the one providing some heat to warm-up the 'icecold' partypeople visiting this Winterpark event (see also on!

Please like and repost if you like this mix . Your comments, message and support on my Soundcloud will be much appreciated!

1 Green Velvet, Jay Lumen It's All About Me (Original Mix)
2 Pleasurekraft Sinister Strings (Original Mix)
3 Miles Diego Rej (Original Mix)
4 Gene Farris, Sonny Fodera Rules Of Engagement (Original Mix)
5 My Digital Enemy Vs ATFC In & Out Shamen (Dj Star Sky Mash)
6 Rene Amesz Dextro (Original Mix)
7 Santé, Sidney Charles All Night Long (Original Mix)
8 Belocca Depends On You (Original Mix)
9 Marco Alessandria SOS (Original Mix)
10 Martin Eyerer, Sian Kosheen Your Move (Kaiserdisco Remix)
11 Newmanhere Bullets (Original Mix)
12 CLS Can You Feel It (Prok & Fitch Remix)
13 Gene Farris Can U Dig It (Original Mix)

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sessions ..

(61:20 mins)

Added on: 02.10.2014

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Back to the sound of tech, club and energetic house! An awesome highly driven massive 60 minutes mix recorded especially for the Toffler Talents evening at the Toffler in Rotterdam (see

Your support is much appreciated! Please leave me your comments and let me know what you think of this live mix! Listen to it and feel free to download it !

01 - Go (Trentemoller Remix) - Moby
02 - Thirst (Original Mix) - Jaceo
03 - Everybody (Original Mix) - Siwell
04 - Screenset (Will Gold Remix) - Alex Kenji
05 - Owner of a lonely Heart (Original Mix) - Dario Nunez, Botz, Flydrums
06 - Bounce! - Original Mix - Schuhmacher
07 - Reach Out (Original Mix) - Sonny Fodera, Bontan
08 - Music Is The Answer (Pagano Vocal Mix) - Celeda, Danny Tenaglia
09 - Soledad (Original Mix) - Chus & Ceballos, DJ Chus, Pablo Ceballos, Leonardo Gonnelli
10 - About The Beat (Original Mix) - Harry Romero
11 - Bliss (feat. Mitch de Klein) - Gina Turner
12 - Love Story - Chyger
13 - Bae (feat. Gina Turner) (Original Mix) - Laidback Luke, Gina Turner
14 - Devil's Home - Mark Grandel & Kuzko
15 - Time to Go - G.K.C

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sessions ..

(61:39 mins)

Added on: 30.07.2014

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Entering the Kweekvijver contest (see with a energetic tech and deep house mix! Starting of with some melodies to bring you into another state of mind, followed by energetic bassdrums and melodies!

Want to hear (some of) these tracks again? Join the Kweekvijver event in the Toffler in Rotterdam ( and hopefully I'll be the one spinning them for you!

Please listen to the mix and like if you do .Your support is much appreciated!

Intro by Michel de Hey
01: Michel De Hey, Rauwkost - Just A Matter Of Time (Original Mix)
02: GusGus - Crossfade (Maceo Plex Mix)
03: Calippo - Need A Friend (Original Mix)
04: Watermat - Bullit (Original Mix)
05: MATRiXXMAN - Scimitar (Original Mix)
06: Patrick Topping - Forget (Original Mix)
07: Jay Lumen - Take Me Back (Original Mix)
08: NiCe7 - Time To Get Physical (Bontan Remix)
09: Simon Doty & MC Flipside - All Out (Original Club Mix)
10: Siwell - Wheel Of Fortune (Original Mix)
11: Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt - Shake That (Mark Knight Remix)
12: Andrea Roma & Samm - Put In (Original Club Mix)
Outro by Michel de Hey

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sessions ..

(46:00 mins)

Added on: 21.06.2014

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Check out this great mix which have been pulled from the archive of mixes created by DJ Tim Bates!

This is from the archive collection and estimated mix date is around January 2012 !

Tim Bates

We All Love Amnesia (Ar ..

(79:37 mins)

Added on: 08.06.2014

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Check out this great mix which have been pulled from the archive of mixes created by DJ Tim Bates!

This is from the archive collection and estimated mix date is around February 2012 !

Tim Bates

Tunnels (Archive Collec ..

(43:36 mins)

Added on: 08.06.2014

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This week's Industrial Lab Session is almost 30 minutes of pure tech into one hell of an underground mix! While entering at the first floor, you'll notice a smooth and comfortable entry to the basement. Halfway the lights seem to come up again, but then the final 'yes oh yes' will bring you into a state where you should belong; underground!

This mix is a entry for the Pioneer DJ Content 2014 (see, so please listen to my mix and hit 'like' to show your support! Thanks! And of course, feel free downloading the full mix.

1) Daniel Verdun - Bipolarity (Original Mix)
2) Ivan Fabris - The Reflections (Original Mix)
3) Jhonny Fernando, Pablo G. - Diabolic (Danny Tell Remix)
4) Dark Science - Rust (Original Mix)
5) Andreew - Back To The Oldschool (Original Mix)
6) Danny Inside - Minimal Popcorn (Original Mix)
7) Synkrone, Miini - Rob The Bank (Original Mix)
8) Nicole Moudaber & Carl Cox - See You Next Tuesday (Original Mix)

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sessions ..

(28:15 mins)

Added on: 28.05.2014

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Finally there it is! The first filthy, crushing, hammering and pumping industrial lab session by DJ Tim Bates. Energetic pushing and underground tracks in a nonstop powerful and industrial mix!

Tim Bates

Industrial Lab Sessions ..

(59:00 mins)

Added on: 21.04.2014