DJ Sonix

Sonix has traveled extensively around the globe at an aspiring young age. Born in China, raised in Canada, now living in the United States and having visited numerous countries along the way such as Japan and Korea, Sonix can be dubbed as the international rolling stone. Such wordly lifestyle has chiseled Sonix into such an original innovator. Distancing himself from the norm, Sonix has been the leading pioneer in what he plays and how he plays. His artistry shines from his worldly experience and innovative nature.

It all began during his relentless quest to find the perfect sound. Sonix stumbled upon Trance around '96 when a friend handed him an Oakenfold mixtape in Canada. Upon listening to only the first few minutes of Oakey's tape, Sonix knew at that moment that he found what he was searching for a long time. Sonix realized that in Trance he can be spiritually and musically tranquil.

In 1997, Sonix began producing Trance tunes using a mod sequencer, Fast Tracker. His experience from playing the piano and saxophone as well as knowledge in music theory aided him greatly when he first started producing Trance music.
Sonix SnX Records Label logo -
In hopes of spreading the love for Trance, Sonix started his independent SnX Records label in 1998. While mixing in the studio and DJing at parties throughout Canada, his unique massive sound quickly magnetized the hearts of many fans across the nation.

Towards the end of '98, this international brainchild moved to California and shared his Canadian sound to the club-goers in the States. Immediately, listeners felt in love with his distinctive heart-pounding basslines and lush melodies.

Throughout his DJing career in America, Sonix has earned a respectful reputation of elevating the dancefloor with his signature marathons. What sets Sonix apart from the rest of the pack is his unique style of mixing a full spectrum of electronic dance music into one progressing motion. Using a vast array of DJing arsenals from house to progressive to break beat to trance to hard dance and so forth, Sonix is able to bring in each element and transcend the dancefloor. The end result is a skillfully crafted musical realm that taunts the audience to come back for more.

To date, Sonix has performed in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia at clubs, raves, festivals, in addition to global radio shows. Fans from around the world have praised Sonix for his mesmerizing live performances. They have described his sets as energetically trippy, hypnotically mind-blowing, as well as complimented his sound as a blend of Oakenfold, J00F, AvB, PvD, Tiesto, and Sasha with a spice of Hybrid's Nu Skool breaks. With his ability to draw masses and keep them on their toes, Sonix is definitely not to be missed and his sets are quintessential to every Electronic listener's musical journey. Expect top-notch choons and mixes from this crowd-pleasing future giant in the years to come.