Dj Schwa

Michal Ruzicka, aka DJ Schwa, is the man behind BEEF records and electronic production duo Shades Of Gray. Michal became engaged in music thanks to his father, who is also a musician himself as well as an owner of a famous recording studio in Prague ( At the age of 14, dance music caught his attention mainly through Radio 1. Around this time he tried to mix his first tracks. In 2000 he started performing publicly. In 2002, Michal started his weekly resident night in Prague at Cross Club and since 2003 he has been working as a sound engineer at ORM studio in Prague. In 2004 Michal, along with DJ Slater, started working on the first Czech progressive label and by the end of the year “Tribal Vision Records” was born. Tribal Vision has since then been slowly establishing itself as one of the leading labels on the progressive scene.
At the end of 2005, Schwa rapidly changed his style and the idea of an innovative techno/house label became reality and thus established the foundation for “BEEF Records.”
Schwa’s sets are not strictly one style oriented; he combines tech house sounds that progressively flow from deeper minimal & techno rhythms. Schwa’s unique mixing and track selection has resulted in a particularly massive following throughout Japan,Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Austria, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Slovakia and Australia.
Schwa has performed at huge international festivals such as “Open Air Field” (Czech Republic), “Parihaka” (New Zealand), “No Mans Land Festival” (Hungary), “Rainbow Serpent”, “Earthcore Carnival” (Australia), Good Vibrations (Australia) and as a part of Japan tour Michal had a chance to perform at the biggest club in Japan – Ageha.
In early 2009 Shades of Gray track Moog In The House reached #6 on Beatport tech house
chart and #3 on vinyl sales chart.


BEEFEP002 Shades of Gray – Simplicity [BEEF records 2007]
BEEF010 WeKi – Beep Doctor (Shades of gray remix) [BEEF records 2007]
BEEF011 QK – Delirum (Shades of Gray remix) [BEEF records 2007]
TVRD018 Shades of Gray – Rose Tinted Glasses [Tribal Vision records 2007]
BEEFEP004 Solead – Serpent (Shades of Gray remix) [BEEF records 2008]
PLS002 Shades of Gray – Spectrum/Love or Hate [PlusMinus records 2008]
PLS003 Shades of Gray – Moog in the house [PlusMinus records 2008]
BEEFEP005 Ramon Tapia – Masquarade (Shades of Gray remix)
BEEFEP006 Shades of Gray – Audio Chip (feat Hirtenfellner remix) [BEEF records]
TVRD052 Shades of Gray – Sympathy in Chaos feat Moonbeam remix [TVR 2009]

Compiled by Dj Schwa:
TVR001 Va Urban Legends [Tribal Vision records 2005]
TVR002 Va Lime Light [Tribal Vision records 2005]
TVR003 Va Inner Circle [Tribal Vision records 2005]
BEEFCD001 Va Prime Cuts [Beef records 2006]
BEEFCD002 Va Prime Cuts vol 2 [Beef records 2009]

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