DJ Scale Ripper

In the past he was producing gabber music in Belgium. Now he is with the harder side of hardtechno: producing and dj'ing. He also has a weekly psytrance, techno radio show in Spanish that is transmitted on fm in Albacete and Barcelona.

His show on
This show has it all, from track presentation of new and old releases to mixes from dj Scale Ripper him self or from international guest Dj's from all over the world, touching always the darkest and rawest beats of Techno, Hardtechno, Schranz and Industrial Hardcore.

Global Warming is a way of sensitize music lovers to take care of our appreciated planet. More and more you hear about disasters and extreme weather conditions because of the uprising global temperature of the earth…if it's destroyed, where do you think to party?

And remember...take care of the planet!

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