DJ Mewel

The beginning of his career was in 1997.
DJ Mewel was always in a couple of steps ahead of music fashion in Ukraine:
1998 Deep and Jazzy House
2000 Deep and Minimal Techno
2002 Deep, Breaks, Atmosphere and Intelligent Progressive
From the beginning and till now, Mewel prefers clever sounding in music, and in present time his styles are Deep, Breaks, Atmosphere and Intelligent Progressive!
Each time, like an expert, he showed the best, by his view, tracks in many Ukrainian clubs.
But, to realize himself completely, Mewel organizes private party only for the true lovers of Intelligent Progressive.
Till 2004 Mewel played using vinyl, but as the time changes, most logical was move on to CD.
The reasons are obvious: so many tracks, unfortunately will not be issued on vinyl, and the modern equipment already allows to show high skill of mixing.

Conceptually and without compromise! Best and exclusive tracks in mixes of DJ Mewel.

Untill 2005 people who influenced on DJ Mewel’s taste were: Yvel & Tristan, Dousk, Blue Haze, Benz & MD, Orchid, Blue Room Project, Cassino & Laben, Quasar, Andrew Kelly, Lank, Darioef.
Now inspiration is given by such names as : Arthur Deep, Michael & Levan, Mango the Royal Fruit, Lokitas, Dynamic Illusion, Grigory & Anthony, East Cafe, Silent Brothers, Retroid, Matthew Adams, Stefan Anion, The Emissary, Xplore.

On May 6 started the best radioshow in Ukraine on FM-radio, in such styles as Deep - Breaks - Intelligent Progressive.
Clever Rhythms is the world of most elegant and refined sounding in deep and breaks intelligent progressive.
Clever Rhythms compensates shortage of qualitative progressive with a state of an art mixing.
The program is only for gourmets having elegant taste and style!
DJ Mewel is very serious when it comes to dj-ing: the selection of tracks,sequence, moments for mixing. All of this is thoroughly considered and as a result the creation is cleaned to shine.
Listening thousand of tracks each week, Mewel selects for his mixes only the best.

The first dj from Ukraine whose mixes were in air of such radioshows as:
-Foundation Hours by Yvel & Tristan on JustMusic.FM
-Tronik Sessions on AZ FM
-Immersed by D-Phraq on Frisky
Artist of the Week on Frisky Radio