Dj Memek

Born in Spain and Dj since 1999. His music varied, at the beginning with the "Techno-Progressive" and "HardDance" then to creating an absolutely new and unique hard techno sty;e. He was a long time with HardDance, specifically until 2006, time when that music was not so much better, so it was raised to a complete turn renewing style and enter in a different musical stage. Nowadays it's centered on music production and mixing sporadically sessions with the new style "Hardtechno", and always, trying to give her little special touch to their music.
With over 15 years of experience, has gone through Rooms known and not so known lamenting already be missing... and sharing poster and dj booth with many of the best dj's of the national HardDance scene, and some participations in different dj contest, although that is already part of the past…