DJ Gagalove

I am Diyan ‘DJ Gagalove’ Gagalov,  from Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. I have played countless gigs around the country and in Macedonia. On some of them sharing a stage with international DJ celebrities such as Sven Vath, Josh Wink, Sonique and… so on.
Since summer ’07 I am resident DJ in famous Cacao Beach on Black Sea in Bulgaria. Later same year I spent some time playing in Turin, Italy.
My ‘live at Cacao Beach’ mixed CD was nominated in  ‘Row talent’ competition of International DJ (I-DJ) magazine in the UK and was on the pages of December 2007 issue.

My  first radio show dates back to 1997 and it is strictly oriented to the underground scene and the electronic sound. It is ‘On Air’ every Sunday from 22.00 (EET) on Bulgarian National Radio – Radio Stara Zagora ( My second show is at Radio NOVA in Sofia ( every Thursday - 18.00.

Summer 2008 and 2009 - I have played at Cacao Beach again!
Now I am looking forward to make my DJ sets as good as they could possibly be!

See you around!