DJ Alex

Involved in the music since age of 15, while helping his father. At 17 Alex wins a DJ contest of Alpha Radio and Varna Municipality. Alpha Radio was voted several years in row for Best Dance Radio in South-Eastern Europe.
He started play as Alpha Radio resident in Varna clubs like Comics, Avangard, Morsko Kazino, Colibri Club, AJ, La Playa, Xtravaganzza, Spacer Sofia, Dance Club Mania, Beach Bar Mania, resident DJ of VIP club Plush Yambol.
He invited and played in 2011 at VIP club Plush next to one of the best techno and minimal producers in the world Da Fresh + Maverickz.

Alex`s first track hit TOP 6 of Alpha Radio TOP 40.

His radio show was broadcasted on the most popular radio in Bosnia & Herzegovina - Dance+ FM.
Now he plays also his radio show on EILO (, which became now daily due to the huge interest.

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