Dennis the Menace

When Dennis first heard the MaxMix tapes in the early 90s he knew what he wanted to do in the future. By the age of 12 he got his first 2 channel mixer and started to fool around with his parents vinyls. It didnt take long time before he started getting gigs in the school at weddings and birthday parties.

Now 14 years later Dennis is running the Psytrance label Devils Mind records aswell as he is signed as label dj for the russian Insomnia Records and being a member of the Dj Division.

Since the last 8 years Dennis has been playing frequently in Parties Clubs and Festivals all over europe aswell as in russia and india. The style he played was rough (dark) psytrance, and now after a cold and dark winterperiod in sweden he felt it was time for some sunshine and so he gave the progressive music a chance and here is the result.