David Barnes

David Barnes was born in February 1986 in Linz, Austria. Catched by the ermerging electronic dance scene of the early 90s, David bought his first Technics record player at the age of 12.

Instead of pursuing other teenager-like hobbies, David got to know the resident DJ of the biggest club in his hometown, DJ Tom H (now one part of Tom Daynes / Fenology Rec.). The 2 got friends and from now on - at the age of 14 - David started to test his abilities on the turns in the club.
It took him 3 years from that time until he got his first resident job at Pasha Linz. It was this residency that opened a lot of other great chances to David: Gigs at the Big Sunflower Festival, Unite Parade, Bungalow 8 and others followed. From now on he was no more a stranger to the Austrian Dj scene.

In early 2007, he started producing his first solo track called "Tauchstation" together with Dan Heatcliff.
Not signed yet, this dirty bass monster started infect the local djs like a virus and rumbled nearly every dancefloor in Upper Austria.
No wonder that Navida Records was pleased to sign the tune for territory Europe / Asia while Real Music Records is going to spread this tune amongst the US Jockz.

Release is set in February 2008, so stay tuned for action...