Dark el kante

Dark el kante is a game of words that means "to go off key or to act of discordant way" and is the dj name of Jorge Bazán, based in Scotland but native from Spain. It was at the end of the 90's when he discovered psy-trance as music and as a way of life, loving nature, traveling and attending various festivals around the world like in Morocco, Bolivia, Spain, Italy , Hungary...or playing in diferent events around the UK, Brazil, Spain, Costa Rica, Colombia, Germany,Ireland and Austria or doing on-line dj sets in different internet radio stations like ://www.radioszkocja.pl/ (Poland) and www.radiondadurto.org/ (Italy) .

Over the past 4 years he is an active participant in the psy scene of Scotland where he currently has residence, being events promoter and DJing at different clubs of Edinburgh as Studio 24, Ego club, The Caves and The Bongo club where he normally organise 2 monthly nights with the Random crew(http://myspace.com/psyrandom) and other with Timelord and Planet Monkey called Cosmic (myspace.com/cosmic_psy), trying to promote the underground scene in the UK and escape of the more commercial sounds. Also has participated in some free parties and raves over the UK, cooperating with different sound systems.

His style as psychedelic dj sounds ranging from night twisted full-on psy and forest music to other styles as suomi trance.