daPsycho / Sensation Blue

Hristo Avramov is most known as daPsycho from his psy trance period (1998-2000) when he appeared on the bulgarian electronic scene on small parties in his town - Gabrovo, Bulgaria. His love in electronic music started in the early 1993 when he listen started with hardcore and gabber. His musical influences and experiments are passed through all the electrnic styles - goa and psy, hardcore, drum and bass, ambient and etc.

In 2000 he starts his 1st musical project called Psychotropic. Its just an underground experiment and never gets popularity.
After starting DJing on parties he starts 2 new projects - TechnoTribe - most famous in the well known site for music www.mp3.com (before it closes) where his tracks reaches many times 1st place for listening in the bulgarian and other charts. Its his tribal techno project. The second well known project from this years is NRG Source - first started as a label with Buzzyo but after that become a project of daPsycho for producing down-tempo, psybient and ambient tracks.

At this moment he isn`t active dj and producer because of education and working/managing doings, but he is still experimenting with the all electronic styles and has some new drum&bass and hardstyle projects under the name Sensation Blue.