Danza Macabra

'I will never believe that god is playing dice with the world.' A. Einstein

If Faithless believes that God is a DJ, Danza Macabra believes that it is not the DJ, it is the music itself that is the closest to Sun of God. The music with its natural rhythms, the power to put a smile on a person’s face, the link it establishes with the primal nature and its power to convey the universal message of nature and goodness. Danza Macabra is all about the music, the message and the big picture. In the modern world people seem to pay too much attention to the face, the person, the idea of the person. We try to bring them back in touch with their primal instincts, the music, dance, nature, humanity… Our music is a gentle whisper with a strong message. We want you to believe that you can change the world - that each and every one of us can make a difference, for it is not about who you are, but about the energy you are willing to spend in order to make this world a better place, to take it a step away from destruction...

Danza Macabra PERSONA

'The state where separation of good and evil does not exist, is clearly called Paradise.'

Danza Macabra presents a new path in electronic music landscape, subtly combining the fresh ideas of Edin Cuturic and Martin Rojnik - the fresh and creative production duet.

Once they discovered that they have a common goal in nature conservation they decided to use their common language in music to spread their message. Since then they have been inseparable and have managed to create a recognisable trademark with which they hope to spread their message even further. Together they have played around the world for the last 2 years, however they decided that more needs to be done. With their record label Danza Macabra Records they plan to create a new path in electronic music landscape, subtly combining the musical production techniques and wide range of musical (electronic or other) influences of Royter and Edin Chuturic as well as renown music producers and musicians into a fresh and creative production.


'When you change, the world will change.'

A part of the philosophy behind our work and life is nature conservation. We would like you all to join us in improving the quality of life of all living beings on this planet. We would like to give people hope in a better tomorrow or at least create a miraculous moment in their lives, bring a smile to their lips and a twinkle in their eyes, even if it is merely a fleeting one. Smile and the world will smile with you... We want to show people that if they stop judging each other and dividing themselves into good and evil, the barriers between us would disappear and only pure and unconditional love would remain.
As we see mankind and everything it does as a part of this wonderful planet, it is clear that something needs to be done - first of all, improve the system so that people would be happier and not so burdened with their everyday problems. Only through this is it possible to become truly in touch with one’s primal instincts and focus on nature.

Danza Macabra SOUND & WORD & IMAGE

'There is no objective world. The world is what we think of it.'

DM provides an authentic journey into a landscape of sound, a virtual world, where everything is possible. Sound, image and word merge into one and become a true messenger. Only when the three of them are merged to form the perfect combination do they truly become Danza Macabra.
DM forms a creative space in which the use of an individual's body transcends borders and connects with the community through the perception of music and the movements of the body. On the path of searching for its inner self, DM takes a creative approach in combining its own definition of sound, visuals and words.

Danza Macabra GROUP

'The greater the energy potential of a thought concerned, the greater the tendency to materialise.'

When we truly believe in something, there are no limits but the energy we are willing to spend in order to achieve our goal. In order to bring a ray of sunshine to each and every one of you and spread the idea of a better world Danza Macabra GROUP consists of various divisions:

Danza Macabra – artists, who will make you dance and place that smile on your face
Danza Macabra Records - music label, that will allow you to take the music and message to other parties and share the idea and smiles
Danza Lab – media, creating graphic and web design, music production, consulting, internet advertising, programming, for all who would like to step into the world of the Danza Lab and see how we will confidently lead you through the dance of life… Similar to dance any creative promotion depends on trust and respect, and only then can we perform creatively, in harmony, and as an unbeatable team
Danza Macabra Wear - ecological clothes, made from certified fair-trade eco cotton, because we believe in nature and fairness, created by well-known creators, because we believe in style
DanzasNightWalk - event management, organising corporative events, club evenings, label show cases, because we believe good things need to be shared.