Dadrian, his real name being Damacus Adrian (born on the 6th of May 1990 in the city of Cluj-Napoca), began his career in the music industry at the age of 13, getting a lot of help from his parents. His great passion for acoustic instruments and disco ones for a longer time and that was the impulses that lead him to mixing and entertaining his friends, but also doing something he enjoyed. From 2003 until 2005 he played music at different social events and online radio stations. From 2005, things suddenly changed from technique to musical style. Tired of all other musical styles, he discovered the beauty of electronic music and soon, he started promoting Electro Techno music. In 2006, his passion took him a step forward and he started a course in Acoustic in Cluj-Napoca, where he graduated and obtained a master’s degree as an acoustician, qualified DJ.

At the beginning of 2007, he became a resident DJ at Oscar Club where he started through a series of parties and warm-ups for different popular DJs in Romania, the club being well known all over the country not only for its electro& techno music but also for being one of the most important launching pads for new talents. There, Dadrian had the opportunity of being mentioned along with some of the most important Djs of the moment: Horace Dan D, Unu, Marika, Liquid, Carlos, Colin, Haute Culture, Negru, Pagal,Jay Blis,Optick,Jasc,Adrian Eftimie,Vali Barbulescu and from outside the country Khul,Bill Patrick and many others.Later that year, he was invited at Radio Impulse to mix with DJ Jonnessey live, another famous DJ with whom Dadrian used to held parties in Club Oscar on Thursdays. His mixes were also promoted at other radio stations, such as DJ Radio,,Radio-Impuls etc.

In the spring of 2008, Club Oscar closed its doors and Dadrain decided to enter the production part, creating a few unlaunched songs among which “Deep Secret” (which has a lot of listeners on his MySpace and is a great song). He is still working on his own productions so that he will finally be able to release an EP on the online musical market. At the end of 2008 he became part of the Tridimensional project and begins taking part in different social events once more. He is invited at radio Impuls along with Tridimensional, at freshly re-opened Oscar Club in his home town and in other clubs around the country, such as Black Box in Sighisoara. In the summer of 2009, he continues his work with a series of parties in lots of places, gathering unforgettable memories.

In the summer of 2009, he continued with a series of parties in different locations and a new project with Raresh Rush & karesma, with whom he is currently working on some productions and mixes. In autumn 2009, he was invited to mix at the Student Parade, which is the biggest electro music event in Transylvania. There, Dadrian was applauded along with the special guest, Groove Armada and other well-known Romanian DJs, such as Optick, Jasc, Carlos,Vali Barbulescu etc. After that, he continued mixing at parties in different locations. On the 2nd of February 2010, Dadrian launches “Polynom”, the first single signed by Raresh Rush, Dadrian& Karesma. The single is on the first compilation produced by Nordik Net Records, an international company which works with artists like Alex Celler, David Keno, David Labeij and many others.

Currently, he is working on his productions.