A fan of all that is dark, twisted, and psychedelic. Cyberwlf constantly seeks out the latest and most innovative in dark psychedelic night music, always looking to take his sound to the next level and push new boundaries.

From regular party goer turn DJ/Promoter/Organiser and Internet Radio show host, Cyberwlf has been listening to electronic music since the late 80s. Natural progression lead him to discovering Goa-trance and then later on PsyTrance as well. Being a fan of Industrial, Metal, and Alternative music, Dark Psychedelic Trance became an instant love for him, and a passion he has spent many years exploring.

Cyberwlf has been an organiser and promoter for both indoor and outdoor Psychedelic Trance parties since 2001. Since 2003 he has organised parties which have maintained a focus on hard and dark psychedelic music, having hosted events featuring the likes of Neuromotor, Hyper Frequencies, Illusion of Self, Gappeq, Pondscum, Legohead, and many more. Since 2001 he has also run an Internet-based radio show, PsyKe Out, which has built it's reputation for playing all the very latest and best in dark and twisted psychedelic night music.

Starting in 2004 he launched his DJ career into the limelight as he played at both indoor and outdoor events to resounding positive feedback from many. 2005 saw him play parties along the Eastern Coast of Australia, and the French island of New Caledonia. In 2006 he played at some of the largest outdoor PsyTrance parties in Sydney Australia, as well as also playing gigs other gigs along the East Coast of Australia, including parties in Cairns and headlining the Outdoor NYE party Byron Bay for 06/07.

Throughout this time he continued his search for some of the most danceable and highly psychedelic fresh underground sounds and new techniques which he used to enhance his sets. 2007 will see him continue to play a few more gigs in Australia before touring Japan and Europe/UK whilst relocating to the UK.

He has played alongside the likes of artists including Visual Paradox, Naked Tourist, Scorb, Artax, Gappeq, Crazy Ducks, Sensient, Psyboriginal, Hefty Output, Hired Goonz, Siaqua, Mantrix, Meltdown, Third Drop Reflection, Sensum, Sol Connection & Sunrunner, and many others.

Twisted and Innovative Psychedelic Music!

Favourite DJs:
Any DJ who can find a sound and own it, and constantly develops and evolves their sound over time, playing fresh and interesting music.

Favourite Labels:
Nabi Records, DARK Records, Dropout Productions, Parvati Records

Run the Psychedelic Trance (PsyTrance) radio show PsyKe Out on (broadcasting around the globe from Sydney, Australia) since 2001 which has hosted a whole variety of guest DJs and Artists.

The official Australian label DJ for the cutting edge Dark Psychedelic Night music label from France, Nabi Records.

Putting on outdoor/indoor parties since 2001. Organizer/Promoter for Metaphysia, Astrophysia, Tribal Shift, Psykedelic Therapy (Reach Out! Fundraiser), and Psykedelic Therapy 2 (CareFlight Fundraiser), Perpetual Apparitions (SquareOne Fundraiser). Co-organizer/Co-promoter for the Neosapiens party Hyperborea.

Co-run the Oz-Trance Mailing List, one of the oldest Psychedelic Trance resources in Australia.