Corey Biggs / Rockstar

The 'Music is the Drug Radio Show' has become a Solar Plexus Backbone to Dance music oneness on "Broadcast & Internet" radio stations worldwide on 6 continents, each week consistently, within perfection, authenticity & accountability.

The Theme of "Music is the Drug Radio" is providing better than good, unbiased Deep House, Tech-house & Progressive House Techno and anything else BADASS! music thru being whole, perfect, strong, loving, happy and harmonious to the vision for the radio station listeners.

The Artist are Tactically, 'RockStar' Selected by "I" Corey Biggs and creatively picked within music elite randomness monthly from music played & reviewed by 'Saint Rockstar.'

The intrinsic details & metrics of each artist selected, comes from their unbiased presentation of music and synergy production styles, past music sets and work ethic in becoming indispensable performers, within oneness upon us, in the Dance Music Universe.

The "Weekly Radio event" is a "2 hour exclusive show" syndicated exclusively worldwide by Syndicast for the 2 years and is featured weekly on "35" radio stations at present Globally. (December 2013)

For all Inquiries please contact Norbert @

*The Music Format features, twice a month 1 hour exclusive sets with special guest & 1 featured hour of Corey Biggs (Saint Rockstar) within the 2 hour radio show.

*The 2 other weeks are Newly featured Corey Biggs aka (Saint Rockstar) 2-hour exclusive radio shows.

The "Music is the Drug Radio Show" have featured within the past 2 years, World re-known producers & legends with exclusive sets to "Music is the Drug Radio", such as Robert Babicz, Luigi Madonna, Franco Bianco, Alex Flatner, Jerome Sydenham, Dancyn Drone, Andres Gil, Dosem, Filterheadz, Tomy Declerque, Spartaque, Jorge Jaramillo, Nikolai Marti, Dave Rosario, Gabriel Ben, Tom Novy, Marco Bailey, Adrian Hour. Leon ,Letkolben, Dave Rosario, Joseph Disco, Paul Begge, Raytek, Positive Merge ,Boot Slap , Sebastian Groth, JC Laurent, Chris Gavin, Takuya Kashiwada , Ryota , Mr. Clean, Boot Slap, Sonic Future, Reset Robot, Ben Hoo, M.A.N.D.Y., Federico Scavo, Axel Karakasis, Phil da Cunha, Raytek,Yaya Desolat, Jewel Kid, Simone Tavazzi, Sasha Carassi, Noir, Luis Junior, Coqui Selection, Mihilas Safras, & Timo Maas

The show is built within "Oneness upon us." The artist who create these exclusive show within Music is the Drug with Corey Biggs, are aware of the integrity, reputation and "Being" of Music is the Drug Radio & Professional Rockstars within Wisdom of Crowds.

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