Brian Bacchus

It all began for Brian Miesner aka Brian Bacchus in 1999 at 18 years old. Stationed in Monterey, CA with the US Air Force, his roommate talked about heading up to San Francisco to see this guy named "Sasha." After that fateful night, standing near the dance floor just taking it all in, there was no going back. Fast forward 6 months, and dozens of records later, Brian began his DJ career at a small lounge in San Francisco.

Things began to progress very quickly. Stationed an hour north of London in 1999-2001, Brian began playing sets all over London, East Anglia, and the Midlands of Britain under the moniker "Bacchus." This culminated with a bi-weekly residence at Norwich's "Time," a venue holding about 1500 people. His sets started to straddle the line between trance and progressive house with more strictly house sounds beginning to emerge. He found his footing in building sets that progressed through many shades and feelings of what EDM had to offer.

Moving with the Air Force in 2001, Brian further honed his house music skills with sets at Omaha's now-fabled Bar 415. Playing alongside great Omaha DJs like Myth, Kennedy, and Glen Okata 415 became Omaha's premier dance music venue. At over 9 years running, the legacy of 415 continues today!

In early 2004 Brian finished his enlistment with the Air Force and moved to Las Vegas. Sets at Las Vegas' long-standing Thursday night attraction SoulKitchen (organized and promoted by Edgar Reyes) solidified his arrival. Over the next 5 years he would play guest sets at some of Las Vegas' most elite venues to include ICE as featured on the reality show "The Club."

Working in banking during the 2008 financial crisis pulled Brian away from playing publicly. The desire to DJ and share music with others only grew stronger during this inactivity. Now returned to Saint Louis, MO Brian Bacchus returns to the decks with more determination than ever before!

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