Boyan Hadji

My real name is Bojan Hadziev, born in Strumica /Macedonia
The story between me and music starts in 1992 when at age of 8 years I started playing violin in the primary musical school in my town. When I come to study architecture in Sofia (2002), the electronic music grabbed my heart. In the beginning playing electronic music was only hobby for me, but how was the time going on the music became a part of my life. After some events in Bulgaria at 2009 I heard about the producing school T.M.O.P (The Magic Of Production) established by DJ Lion & DJ Yobi, where finally I express my feelings throughmy own production.
Now i have my own radio show
"Behind The Twilight"
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Also you can listen on:
every friday 22:00 (GMT)
every thursday 18:00 (GMT +2) - ;
every saturday 22:00 (GMT +9)
every sunday 05:00 & 14:00 (GMT +9)
every thursday 15:00 (GTM -6)
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