Boriqua Tribez

Since the year 2000 Boriqua Tribez is an unstoppable force within the Pumpin Techno genre.

Boriqua Tribez' prevailing interest for disco/funk/old school/percussion-sounds is responsible for his unique style and mixture of classic elements and techno music, whether as a DJ (since 1989) or producer.

Playing parties around the globe such as APOKALYPSA (CZ), FLORIDA 135 (ESP), TECHNO-FLASH (ESP), FABRIK (ESP), ECO FESTIVAL (SLO), M47 (HUN), AMBASADA GAVIOLI (SLO), INDUSTRIAL COPERA (ESP), PULSE FESTIVAL (SLO) to name but a few underline his boundless passion for DJing.

DJ-support from the likes of Ben Sims, Carl Cox, DJ Rush, Umek, Cristian Varela, DJ Murphy, The Advent, Jay Denham etc. confirmed his recognition as an artist.

After releasing and remixing on several advanced techno labels in the past decade (Moop Up, Recycled Loops, Ingoma, Naked Lunch, Spilo, HzTrax, Patterns, etc.) Boriqua Tribez started his own Label called "BASICS" in 2008.

After 12 Releases from artists like Ben Sims, David Moleon, Cave, Carl Falk, etc. and Boriqua himself he decided to shut down the label end of 2011 focusing back onto his real intension: DJing and Production.

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DJ Rush - I Believe (2020 Mix)
Andre Walter, Chris Liebing - B1 Next Try
Black Girl - White Girl - Unfading
DJ Deep - Stressin (Ben Sims Remix)
Stephen Brown - Nedds Fixed
Marco Faraone - Want Me
unknown - Give Up_Original Mix
DJ Rush - Serious Danger Girl
Ben Sims - Break it Down
Dense & Pika - Neon
unknown (Armand Van Helden Extended Mix)
Uncertain & Skov Bowden - Frozen Society
C&G Southsystem - Dual EP (Mark Broom Edit)
DJ Rush - Pleasure Drum
DJ Hansz - Noize
Uncertain - Tribe
Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (Nicole Moudaber Renaissance Remix)
Shadow Child - The DBG (Mark Broom Remix)
TWR72 - Mickey
Pushmann - Dreamin'
S-File - Take It Or Leave It
unknown - Disco Heat
Flug, Sebastian Lopez - The Piano (Uncertain "Deep Reese" Edit)
Truncate - Jack (Mark Broom Bonus Mix)
Ben Tisdall, Daz Saund - DB Express
Nic Fanciulli - Werk (Move Your Body)

Uncertain // Boriqua ..

Uncertain Guest Mix, Li ..

(32:14 mins)

Added on: 21.09.2020

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20min of nasty warehouse on the fly.

Subradeon - A New Sun is Rising
Antigone, Rødhåd - 190904
Mark Broom - Hear Me
Truncate - El Sonido
FBK - I'll Sit Back (Len Faki Hardspace Mix)
Mark Broom, Riva Starr, Star B - Gotta Have You (DJ Bone Remix)
Jeff Mills - In The Bush (S-File 2020 Edit)
S-File - Be Free
Nic Fanciulli - Werk (Move Your Body)
Truncate - Missing (Skov Bowden's Jackin Edit)
Fjaak - Breath
C&G Southsystem - Dual EP (Mark Broom Edit)
Shlomi Aber - Wrong Kind of bad
Truncate - Repeat
SRVD - Black On Black

Uncertain // Boriqua ..

UNCERTAIN - Mini Mixx, ..

(20:41 mins)

Added on: 11.06.2020

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recorded live.

Hyperloop - ACEEK
S-File - Chicago Disco
Mark Broom - Midnight
Grindvik, Pfirter - End This
Troy - Closure
Troy - Surge
Eats Everything - EEE's
Troy - TTFO
Mode_1 - Ditter
Mark Broom - Raver
Deas - DRMS
Brian Sanhaji - Dendrite
Christopher Rau - Riggleysz
Alan Fitzpatrick - Step Away (PAS Remix 2)
Staffan Linzatti - Mystery Man
FBK - Hassling (Faki Hardspace Mix)
Dubesque - LA Jack
Deas - Index
Deadwalkman & S-File - Jucie Lucie
I Am Dj Stretch, Lester Fitzpatrick - Wk Dis MF
PUSHMANN - Eris (Mike Storm remix)
Uncertain - Bang
S-File - Work To Do
Rove Ranger - If You Say So
Mark Broom - Insta
Musik Aus Strom - A2 Untitled (Len Faki Hardspace Mix)
Eskapist - Platform
Deadwalkman & S-File - Control Body
D. Dan - Switchblade
Mark Broom - Hear Me
Stojche - Revenge
Roll Dann, _asstnt - Coalescence
Rove Ranger - You Wanted Both So I Gave You Both
SRVD - Black On Black
FBK - I'll Sit Back (Faki Hardspace Mix)
Pfirter - Mayo del 68
Rove_Ranger - High Ifen
Uncertain - Devotion
KUSP (UK) - Wurk
TWR72 - Mouse
Deadwalkman & S-File - That's Right
Troy - OB6.5
Fhase 87, Greg Denbosa - Modulation

Uncertain // Boriqua ..

Uncertain, Isolation Mi ..

(60:37 mins)

Added on: 29.03.2020

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..3rd & final hour - recorded live.

01.milo spykers.beyond.lenske
02.furfriend.geck (perc remix).death by rainbow
03.parallx.the unseen.R - label group
04.obsure shape/shdw.rebell.arts
05.shlomi aber.etiquette.bpitch
06.flug.sequences from the black basement.quartz haus.jak beat (nikk remix).unknown to the unknown
08.blicz.modern revolt.involve
09.pushmann.fuck as one
10.stef mendesidis.hunt.klockworks
11.jon hester.beatwave.rekids
12.tellurian.big bad city (dax j remix).monnom black
13.industrialyzer.moonstone.second state
14.setaoc maas.leave no trace.sk_eleven
15.introversion.onryo (obsure shape/shdw remix).arts
16.rikhter.phiom enhah.R - label group
18.andre bloc.odd even (drumcomplex remix).studio3000
20.eats raiders (charlotte de with remix).kneaded pains
21.ahan/the dag.venting.monnom black
22.shlomi aber.tora.redimension
23.chambray/laurent garnier.feelin´ good.rekids
24.spencer parker.when you gonna lern (mella dee mix).warehouse music
25.flug/klaudia gawlas.the matrix.second state
26.deep disgrace.suara
27.buried secrets.distant voices.monnom black
28.selecction natural.left behind.pole group
29.ken ishii.escape (industrialyzer remix 1).code
30.regal.nasty boys.ufo inc
31.james ruskin.if 2019.tresor
32.obscure shape/shdw.die zunge des todes.from another mind
33.uncertain.crystal.say what?
34.jon hester.part 4.rekids
35.perc.pivot.perc trax
36.radical g/the comes the storm (kobosil 44 terror mix).R - label group
37.uvb.god knows you´re a cunt.monnom black
38.deep dimension.rave slave.rekids
39.rove muziq
40.fjaak.turn it up.spandau20

Uncertain // Boriqua ..

Uncertain, BEST OF Tech ..

(53:00 mins)

Added on: 30.12.2019

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..selection of Trax I favored in 2019 (1st hour)
recorded live.

01.andre kronert.of pressures.odd even
03.hybrasil.come on back.rekids
04.thomas hoffknecht.rtch (truncate mutation).strgth
05.alden theory.clone
07.jeroen search.radars.float
08.jon hester.zoned.rekids
09.marco faraone.hardgroove community.rekids
10.mark broom.heart.rekids
12.shinedoe.just be true.intacto
13.ramon tapia.entity.suara
14.fadi mohem.nine.spandau20 rush/eric sneo.take me back.tronic
16.the advent.passage.mord
17.flug.working out.quartz
18.truncate.the bell.blueprint
20.damon wild.rotary (slam live edit).soma
21.uncertain.control.dsr digital
22.silent breed.sync in (slam edit).soma
23.thomas hoffknecht.relax.kd raw
25.ryan mckay.trip work.kneaded pains
26.mtd.imprint.bipolar disorder
27.thomas hoffknecht.rtch (luis flores mutation).strght
28.m.r.e.u.x.pulsation (pfirter remix).blumoog
29.savile.tease breathe smell.2mr
30.anastasia kristensen.ak ok.houndstooth
31.truncate.our bodies.ei8ht
32.jay clarke.visualize.klockworks
33.knarz.kind der nacht.monnom black
34.vil.ufc.planet rhythm
35.mark broom/ben sims.last night caller (mark broom edit).hardgroove
36.jaydee.plastic dreams (nicole moudaber remix/uncertain warehouse edit).renainassance
37.cristian vogel.xpute the woop whoop (len faki hardspace mix).lf remix

Uncertain // Boriqua ..

Uncertain, BEST OF Tech ..

(52:39 mins)

Added on: 20.12.2019

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recorded live.
01.james ruskin.we are everywhere.blueprint
02.spencer´re under my control now (truncate mind control mix).rekids
03.jon hester.zoned.rekids
04.fadi cycle.klockworks
05.roberto/roman lindau.bull in a china shop.fossil archive
07.the advent.just played.mod
12.kmyle.genetical paths.beard man
13.dave clarke/dj rush.way of life (technasia house mix).skint
14.charles green.rave no name.hardgroove
15.jon hester.beatwave.rekids
16.the advent.passage.mord
18.james ruskin.version (2019 remaster).tresor slave.another club (charlotte de witte remix).rekids
20.vamp circus.need you (dark science remix).phont velvet.flash (s-file 2020 tool remix).white
24.kusp (UK).diss (extended).we are the brave
25.roberto/roman lindau.transatlantic.fossil archive
26.surgeon.first (len faki hardspace mix).LF rmx
27.jon hester.accelerator.rekids
28.DK8.murder was the bass (slam re edit).soma
29.james ruskin.eight 3 (2019 remaster).tresor
30.env3.typ 17 (aux couture remix).aerobik
31.nitzer ebb.join in the chant (slam re edit).soma
32.truncate.utility 2.ei8th
33.truncate.the bell.blueprint
34.obscure shape/shdw.das ritual.arts
35.mark broom.five-four.hardgroove
36.tres demented.brainfreeze (len faki hardspace mix).LF rmx
37.james ruskin.subject (2019 remaster).tresor
38.roberto/roman lindau.devastator.fossil archive
39.wex 10.crypto.odd
40.the advent.captive.mord
41.hertz.recreate (slam rework).soma
42.floorplan.i try.aus music
43.seleccion natural.left behind.polegroup
44.the advent.slight.mord
45.pushmann.fuck as one
46.avision.liquid gold.teksupport
47.sylvie marziarz.reduction (andre kronert total reduction version).off
48.plastikman.hypokondriak (len faki hardspace remix).LF rmx
49.shlomi aber.zohar.redimension

Uncertain // Boriqua ..

Uncertain, Studio Mix, ..

(62:47 mins)

Added on: 01.12.2019

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an hour of pure halloween techno madness incl. stuff by the likes of industrialyzer, chambray, laurent garnier, s-file, mark broom, SRVD, wishmountain, truncate, jeff mills & tons more - recorded live.

Uncertain // Boriqua ..

Uncertain, Halloween Te ..

(65:44 mins)

Added on: 26.10.2019

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recorded live.
01. carl cox/chip e. - time to jack - intec
02. marc bruno - functional - symbolism ltd.
03. raiki - no more (mark broom remix) - beard man
04. floorplan - never grow old (mark broom dubplate mix) - epm
05. 2000 and one - fused - intacto
06. vil - ufc - planet rhythm
07. robert hood - the bond we formed - soma
08. mark broom - efb - rekids
09. DJ shufflemaster - HD4 untitled - LF rmx
10. uncertain - wurk - iamt
11. shlomi aber - redox - bpitch
12. nic fanciulli - where u at - rebids
13. pascual - coda - ovum
14. jeff mills - alarms - purpose maker
15. selfsoul - cairo - aex
16. uncertain - transition - off
17. s-file - freak it - gnd
18. mark broom - heart - rekids
19. uncertain - shade - focus
20. planetary assault systems - twelve (len faki hardspace remix) - LF rmx
21. TWR72 - x-static - aerobik
22. avision - culture - hard groove
23. tronco traxx - walk 4 me - henry street
24. lady starlight - them - figure
25. 2000 and one - spunk the funk - bitten
26. green velvet - flash - relief
27. lil louis - black out (DJ 3000 remix) - white
28. airod - voltage - lenske
29. LATHE - werk - on edge society
30. setaoc mass - leave no trace - sk_eleven
31. rod - embase - machine
32. rikther - plom enhah - r-label group
33. dax j - warp - clergy
34. johannes heil - exile 010 a1
35. dave clarke - wisdom to the wise (s-file 2019 rework) - white

Uncertain // Boriqua ..

Uncertain, Studio Mix, ..

(60:19 mins)

Added on: 02.07.2019

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skee mask - trackheadz - ilian tape
truncate - machine jack v1 - truncate
rene wise - sling jockey - mote evolver
risc - wares - gnd
thomas hoffknecht - fired up - kd raw
mtd - imprint - bipolar disorder records
risc - pollys assault - gnd
andre crom - surge - off
setaoc maas - evidence - sk_eleven
jeroen search/julia search - watching you once - pushmaster discs
planetary assault systems - give it up - mote evolver
slam - scorpion - soma
shlomi aber - blackout - bpitch
cristian vogel - xpute the whoop whoop (len faki hardspace mix) - LF remix
uncertain - jerk - say what?
scissor - reflections (truncate remix) - just this
thomas hoffknecht - voice in my head - kd raw
dj deeon/wehbba - we have bass - drumcode
aux couture - watch out - aerobik
nic fanciulli - understand - rekids
eats everything - space raiders (charlotte de witte remix) - rekids
mark broom - g theme - rekids
dj rush/eric sneo - easy - tronic
johannes heil - exile 010 a1
stef mendesidis - gendarme classe a - klockworks
jeff mills - the dancer (2019 s-file remix) - white
floorplan - he can save you (replant) - epm
deadwalkman - the fader - gnd
dj shufflemaster - hd4 untitled (len faki hardspace mix) - LF remix

Uncertain // Boriqua ..

FM4 La Boum De Luxe Fea ..

(64:12 mins)

Added on: 11.06.2019

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on the fly-welcoming 2019-mix (3 dex, 1 man & a mixer) featurin´ some of my current favs including bits from ben sims´ stunning tribology-compilation as well.

01. VRIL/Magnetar/Machine
02. Function feat. Stefanie Parnow/Introversion/Machine
03. Avision/Rebel/Machine
04. Jeroen Search/Vector Sum/Machine
06. Sulfurex/Point Break (Perc Remix)/Missile
07. Insolate/Strike/Machine
08. Marco Bruno/Any given Sunday/Machine
09. Cadans/Bite/Machine
10. Blasha & Allatt/Broughton 93/Machine
11. Amelie Lens/Basiel/Lenske
12. Stef Mendesidis/Valley of Machines/Klockworks
13. DJ Shufflemaster/EXP/Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL)
14. Aux Couture/M.F. Dance/Aerobik
15. Jeroen Search/The One/Machine
16. Assailants/Effort 7 (Demo Mix)/Machine
17. Julien H Mulder/The Depths/Machine
18. P.A.S./The Grinder/Machine
19. Uncertain/Plunge/Reload Records
20. Sleeparchive/Session Nine/Sleeparchive
21. Kirk Degiorgio/The Interest/Machine
22. Uncertain/District/Trau-ma
23. Damon Wild/Status/Machine
24. Uncertain/Musick (Warehouse Edit)/white
25. Uncertain/Transition/OFF Recordings
26. Mark Broom/Peak/Machine
27. ROD/Embase/Machine
28. Dj Wank/Scary like this (S-File Drum Tool Mix)/Black Traxx Series
29. I Hate Models/Spreading Plague (Perc Remix)/Perc
30. Deep Dimension/17-3-17/GEN X
31. Amelie Lens/Energize/Lenske
32. Robert Hood // Floorplan/Gun Talk (Ben Sims JFF Edit)/Machine
33. Tadeo/Releasing Focus/Machine
34. ZIPPO / Fides/Convenant/Machine
35. RISC/Bacteria System MX1/white
36. Charles Green/Musikbox/Machine

Uncertain // Boriqua ..

Uncertain - Happy Fonki ..

(60:41 mins)

Added on: 03.01.2019