Dobrin Stanev was born in 1984 in Etropole, small city near to the capital of Bulgaria, and has been interested in DJ’ing and promoting for the last 10 years. He started DJ'ing in 2001 and now he's known as one of the best DJs/Producers in Bulgaria.

Birben has been performed at most clubs in Bulgaria, some big raves promoted by "Renesanz" and a few gigs in Italy and Romania. For the Last 6 years he is working with DJ Balthazar & JackRock they are top DJs/Producers and one of the bigest techno promoters "Renesanz" in Bulgaria. Dobrin is too the founder of "Overload" one of the most popular underground techno organizations.

Until now he has been performed with many names like : Chris Liebing, DJ Rush, Alexander Kowalski, Marko Nastic, Speedy J, The Advent, Ortin Cam, Dj Murphy, Koen Groeneveld, Felix Kroecher, Eric Sneo,Sven Wittekind, Angel Alanis, Dj Bold, Terry Francis, Space DJs, Dave The Drummer, Swen Weber Kobbe, Michael Burkat,Stephane Signiore, Cave, Pedro Delgardo, Lars Klein, Adrian V and many more . Normally his style varies from Tech House to Minimal and Groovy Techno, but he also play Dubstep and Grime.