Beans P.M.

Beans P.M. encountered all kinds of german Techno scene from the very beginning. He discovered what it meant to be part of the old school Techno family when he hang out in worldwide infamous clubs like Frankfurt’s “Omen” in the days when Techno music was an all weekends feeling of a big hug on everybody. This is the spirit you nowadays still can feel on the dancefloor when he is playing and – whether his set is straight bumping Techno or floating TechHouse on that night – he seems to hug everyone around in the location he is playing. It is an honest and romantic feeling of deep love to the deep roots of moving and behaving like you’d never do in your workday life.

"There are many good DJs out there, but every now and then someone grabs attention of your ears in a big way. Someone that has that extra level of polish, and a sound that may draw on others, but is still very unique."

"Beans p.m. personifies the new generation of modern tech music. He never confines himself to one style, always locking the listener into a groove with only one intention, to make the dance floor move."

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Beans p.m.

Live from the cupboard ..

(72:20 mins)

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